A Warm Welcome to Community Members Old and New

Welcome to Cobalt Apps, home of the Dynamik Website Builder and the Genesis Extender Plugin.

We’re thrilled to have you with us because, after all, what is WordPress, what’s a WordPress theme, and what’s a WordPress product without a community?

It’s you, the community of old friends and new friends that make everything possible. We thank you for being here, and we’re happy to have you along for the ride. Read more “A Warm Welcome to Community Members Old and New”

Custom Page Templates The Dynamik Way

The traditional WordPress Page Template provides us with the ability to display our content in a manner that is unique to the “default” page structure provided by our WordPress Theme.

This can be very useful and as simple or complicated as we want/need it to be. From a minor structure change to a complete overhaul of that page’s output, there are really no limits to what a Custom Page Template can do.

Please Note: Since writing this blog post we’ve added several new features to Dynamik that enhance its ability to structure your pages. One such feature is a Custom Template feature that allows you to create these traditional WordPress Page Templates using the Dynamik admin interface. You can learn more about this Custom Template feature HERE. Read more “Custom Page Templates The Dynamik Way”

Repositioning Your Navigation Bars in Dynamik

Dynamik child theme for Genesis was created to help eliminate the time and coding necessary to accomplish advanced design functions on your website.

This is especially obvious when it comes to changing the location of your navigation bars.

The Other Way

Genesis Child Themes require 3 steps to pull this off:

  1. Access your “functions.php” file via ftp or WordPress editor
  2. Locate the appropriate line of code that is repositioning your navigation
  3. Change the line of code to place the navigation where you desire

Once those steps are completed, you save your functions.php file and refresh your browser to see the changes take effect.

Here’s the drawback to that approach. Read more “Repositioning Your Navigation Bars in Dynamik”

EZ Static Homepage In Just A Few Mouse Clicks

There are many ways to create a “CMS Style” static homepage in WordPress, especially with Genesis Child Themes. Often times providing their own home.php file, these Child Themes offer the ability to just list your latest blog posts on your homepage or display Widget content in an organized fashion.

However there are many times when you’d like to either tweak the current static homepage functionality or completely customize your own. In such cases the Genesis Extender Plugin offers a powerful, yet super easy solution! Read more “EZ Static Homepage In Just A Few Mouse Clicks”

Create a Custom Secondary Page

Another post covered creating your custom home page, so this post will work through creating a custom secondary page, specifically a staff page.

Staff Page

The goal is to create this page without writing custom code, so anyone can set it up for their website regardless of skill level.  So we are going to use the Genesis User Widget to add the User Profiles in two columns on the Staff page. Read more “Create a Custom Secondary Page”

Genesis Extender Front-End CSS Builder

left-sidebarSome tips for getting the most out of the Front-End CSS Builder

The Front-End CSS Builder is comprised of the following parts:

  1. Horizontal Navigation bar across the top
  2. Left Hand Side Bar
  3. Staging Area for Custom CSS (Middle of left sidebar)
  4. Custom CSS (Bottom of left sidebar)

The Horizontal Navigation is comprised of links for the elements you may want to style and some common CSS additions, such as border’s, shadows, backgrounds, etc Read more “Genesis Extender Front-End CSS Builder”

Add an Affiliate Box to Your Website

In this post, we’ll add an affiliate Box using the Extender Plugin for Genesis. Scroll to the bottom of this post, or any post on this website, to see the affiliate box in action.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Genesis Extender Affiliate Program, so when you add this affiliate box to your website(s), you can make 40% ($17.60) when visitors click your affiliate link and then decides to buy the Extender Plugin for Genesis.

Once you are affiliated, it’s time to build the affiliate box, then put it where we want it to show up, and, finally, style the affiliate box to suit our taste and whichever Genesis Child Theme you are using. Read more “Add an Affiliate Box to Your Website”

How To Add Google Analytics To Your Site

Lets begin by explaining what Google Analytics is and why you want it tracking your website visits etc.

Most importantly, Google Analytics helps you answer some important questions, such as:

  • How many visitors stop by your website each hour, day, week, month, and year.
  • Which page of your website they use to enter your website using (Landing Page)
  • How they found your website, be it social media link or searching for a phrase on Google
  • How long they stayed on your website
  • How many pages of your website they visited
  • What part of the world they came from.

This is all very useful information for getting the most from your website.  Long gone are the days of throwing a static website up to, get your name out there and hoping folks find you and that some of them even need what you have to offer. Read more “How To Add Google Analytics To Your Site”