Freelancer Framework

For the serious freelance WordPress Developer.

" The Freelancer Framework is a culmination of almost a decade of professional WordPress software development & experience. Rooted in my passion for empowering the WordPress Freelance Developer through indispensable dev tools and confidence producing community & resources, Freelancer builds the foundation for new professionals to be born and current pros to thrive. Fast, efficient, and painstakingly purposeful, Freelancer is the theme to UP your game!"

The Freelance WP </DEV> Theme

Geared Toward Growth As A Developer

Around the WordPress world the word "coding" is often seen as a necessary evil. But the fact is that it's not only necessary, but quite critical in our ability as freelance developers to stand out from the crowd of fly-by-night drag-n-drop wizards. Freelancer is all about getting back to the fundamentals, but in a cutting-edge kind of way.

Mobile-First Responsive

Freelancer takes the Mobile-First Responsive Design approach to website development. It can kind of feel like a backward design technique when you first attempt to develop for mobile devices first, but once you recognize the benfits, and why the heck so many pros talk so much about it, you'll never go back to that "old way" of customizing your stylesheet.

A Coders Dream

The more the point-n-click design tools try to do the heavy lifting for you, the less connected you are with the core components of your online creations. With Freelancer you get a bare bones framework, ready to be molded into your next client's preferred mockup. So when the time comes to dig into the styles, functions, and scripts, you'll be pleasantly surprised at how effortless the process has become!

Fast & Efficient

Great attention to the greatest amount of detail was used in the development of the Freelancer Framework. There was a constant focus on the 80/20 rule, with the inclusion of the essentials, and the strict exclusion of everything else. This resulted in a very well coded, fast, and highly efficient theme framework that will provide any serious freelance developer with a theme they can depend on for critical job after critical job!

Page Builder Compatible

Freelancer's greatest strength is in its simplicity and flexibility. And though it's perfectly suited for the pure coder, it's also an ideal match for your favorite Page Builder Plugin. With its included Page Builder Template that provides a perfect "blank canvas" for these Plugins to work, as well as full Beaver Themer integration, Freelancer will definitely not disappoint in this department.

Extensive Resources To Help Along The Way

Freelancer isn't just a powerful development framework, but an excellent teaching tool as well! It's well coded, purposefully simple, and perfect for learning the ropes as it grows with you. With in-depth docs and helpful tutorials you'll hit the ground running as you seek to up your game as a professional developer!

A Simple CSS Grid Solution Is Built Right Into Freelancer's Stylesheet!


.grid-column .grid-col-sm-2-3

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-3

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-2

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-2

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-3

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-3

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-3

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-2 .grid-col-md-1-4

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-2 .grid-col-md-1-4

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-2 .grid-col-md-1-4

.grid-column .grid-col-sm-1-2 .grid-col-md-1-4

Built right into the stylesheet of Freelancer is a super simple CSS grid system that makes taming template layouts a breeze. There's a time and a place for page builders, but when you just need to manage some columns and rows with a grid solution, Freelancer has got you covered!

Other Notable Features... Markup

The Freelancer Framework has core markup integration to help ensure positive interations with search engines.

Simple Layout Solutions

With its single sidebar, Freelancer offers the ability to easily set various layouts for WP pages, posts, and custom post types.

Theme Option Essentials

Freelancer provides a core set of theme options to cover those essential needs for initial site setup. Layouts, logo, scripts...the basics.

Hooks & Filters Galore!

The real power of a true blue WP framework theme is the plethora of hooks and filters that let you take full control! Freelancer is all about this!

What Makes Freelancer Perfect For The WordPress Freelance Developer?

Every decision made in the development of Freelancer was executed with you as the freelance developer in mind! For example, Freelancer is made available for free, including a lifetime unlimited site license, so that you can confidently hand it over to your clients and know it will be supported and updated with no strings attached. Or the fact that the visibility of the Freelancer name, and even functionality is purposefully minimal. Even the theme options are completely generic in appearance. This was done to put less emphasis on the theme and more on your own custom dev work that your clients appreciate most. So the bottom line is that if you are a freelance WordPress developer, or just a WP power user looking for a rock solid, pure framework theme, then Freelancer was developed specifically for you!