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" Cobalt All Access is essentially all my Themes & Plugins packaged into a single product bundle that includes one license to rule them all! My goal with All Access is to help simplify things for our members, all while offering every products at one low price! And when I say ALL of our tools, I'm talking now AND those I develop in the future! So if you're a freelance WordPress developer who benefits from my tools then All Access is the way to go!"

The ultimate value for the WP </DEV>

Access ALL premium products using a single license!

With Cobalt All Access you gain access to every single premium product we offer at, as well as the simplicity of a single Unlimited license to activate them ALL! Did I mention that it's a killer value?

Cobalt All Access includes the following Premium WP </DEV> Tools:

Genesis DevKit Plugin

The professional point-n-click Development Kit for the Genesis Theme Framework!

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Themer Pro Plugin

The professional WordPress Theme Development Plugin for the serious freelance WP </DEV>

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Instant IDE Plugin

The Ultimate Professional WordPress Development Environment in an INSTANT!

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Dynamik Website Builder

The ultimate website building design tool for the Genesis Theme Framework!

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Genesis Extender Plugin

The ultimate Genesis Framework add-on for those looking to take Genesis further!

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Extender Pro Plugin

The ultimate WP Framework add-on for those looking to take their favorite theme further!

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Freelancer DevKit Plugin

The professional point-n-click Development Kit for the Freelancer Theme Framework!

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What's Our Next Tool?

With Cobalt All Access you'll receive instant access to every new </DEV> tool that we come out with, with no extra cost or licenses to deal with! So I wonder what will fill this space? ;-)

Save over $200 by purchasing Cobalt All Access when compared to buying our tools individually!

Cobalt All Access FAQ's:

Q: Will my Cobalt All Access license be able to activate every single product?

A: Yes!

Q: Is the Cobalt All Access license an "Unlimited" activation license?

A: Yes!

Q: When I renew Cobalt All Access will that single renewal cover ALL products (i.e.. will I not have to mess with renewing each product individually)?

A: Yes!

Q: Does Cobalt All Access cover potential future products as well?

A: Yes!

Who Is Cobalt All Access For?

If you're just interested in one specific WordPress DEV tool that we offer then All Access wouldn't make much sense. But if you use two or more of our tools on a regular basis, and especially if you're interested in trying out more, then you're probably going to find Cobalt All Access the best value we offer. All Access is also a great way of simplifying things by offering you a single license for all our products, as well as only one subscription. But then there's the fact that every new product will be sitting there in your account the moment it comes out. I mean, who doesn't want that?! :-)