Massive Changes On The Way With The WordPress 5.9 Release 5 Days Away!

Are You Ready For Full Site Editing?

The idea of Full Site Editing (FSE) in WordPress is as old as the Gutenberg/Block Editor itself. But this concept is about to become a reality in WordPress 5.9 which is set to release to the general public in less than a week from now. Are you ready? Excited? Overwhelmed? I’d love to hear you’re thoughts!

The struggle is real for many WP DEVS, designers, and marketers out there who are reluctant to even look into things like Block Themes and Full Site Editing as much of their workflow was perfected around ideas and concepts from a generation ago. Many are just now wrapping their brains around child themes and action hooks and now many of these WordPress staples are either being transformed or phased out completely. Now we’re expected to understand Block Patterns and ditch our favorite page builder or design Plugin for Gutenberg, which has seemingly spread throughout the WP workflow either like a virus or a breath of fresh air. So which is it?

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Cobalt Apps Black Friday Sale 2021 Starts Now!

This year we’re starting our Black Friday Sale a bit early! From now through next (Cyber) Monday you can save 35% off all purchases, upgrades, and renewals! Just use the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY35 at checkout!

This is an excellent time to save on our powerful WordPress web development tools! And remember, upgrades and renewals can be accomplished through your Cobalt Apps “My Account” page.

Have a wonderful holiday this season and may all your WordPress endeavors be effective and successful! 🙂

The New Instant IDE Website

A few weeks ago I launched the Genesis DevKit Plugin website which showcases Genesis DevKit without sharing space with many other WP DEV Tools like it’s primary page here on Now I’m sharing a new site, fully focused on the many powerful features found in Instant IDE, the cloud-based development environment that is my personal favorite DEV tool! So be sure to checkout this fresh piece of WordPress real estate over at

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Genesis DevKit, Extender Pro, And Themer Pro Updates

I’m excited to share three new Cobalt Apps Plugin updates with you! I’ve been pounding away at my keyboard for the past few weeks and finally released fixes, refinements, and many new features for Genesis DevKit, Extender Pro, and Themer Pro.

The highlights are that Extender Pro and Themer Pro now support to new popular WordPress Theme Frameworks, and Genesis DevKit now offers a new Tablet view, in addition to the already available Mobile and Desktop views. Also, both Genesis DevKit and Themer Pro now include the latest Genesis Sample Theme, version 3.3.1. But there’s a whole lot more that that so be sure to checkout the change logs below and then watch my screencast where I showcase the many new features found in these updates.

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My Genesis Pro And Genesis Page Builder Plugin Review

I’m a massive StudioPress fan as their WordPress Theme Framework is one of the best out there. Add to that the fact that I offer several professional DEV tools created specifically for use with Genesis, and you can imagine how excited I was to have the opportunity to review the latest offering from both WP Engine and StudioPress.

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Is Genesis DevKit Replacing Dynamik Website Builder?

After several Dynamik users contacted me with this particular question, I felt it necessary to try and clear things up for anyone else who might wonder if the Genesis DevKit Plugin is in fact replacing Dynamik Website Builder. The simple answer is no, definitely not, but there’s quite a bit of nuance to that answer that is worth expanding on, so if you’re interested read on…

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Genesis DevKit Has New Pricing And A New Site!

Genesis DevKit Website

The Genesis DevKit Plugin is quickly becoming the new flagship point-n-click DEV tool for the Genesis Theme Framework. With notable new features and a growing list of Premium DevKit Themes it has begun to outgrow it’s shared site space here at And though it will remain here in terms of sales and support, the primary marketing focus will be redirected to a new location,

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Genesis DevKit 1.5.0 Adds Full Child Theme Editor And New DevKit Startup Theme Is Now Available

I’m really enjoying cranking out these DevKit Themes! Not only do I get to work with a DEV Tool that makes the process actually fun and efficient, but each one that becomes available simply adds that much more value to the DevKit Plugin itself. Each DevKit Theme is one more unique design starting point that you can hit the ground running with. So I hope you enjoy my latest offering, DevKit Startup. It’s my favorite so far! I liked it so much that I actually used it on a new website project I just finished which I will be sharing with you soon! 🙂

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Introducing DevKit Impact: A New Genesis Child Theme

Just released is an all new Genesis Child Theme created by and for the Genesis DevKit Plugin called DevKit Impact. This is the fourth premium Genesis Child Theme now included with the Genesis DevKit Plugin which not only provides a professional look and feel and utilizes the WordPress Block Editor for the homepage design, but can be fully customized by the hundreds of point-n-click design controls provided by Genesis DevKit.

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Extender Pro 1.3.0 Update Adds Extender Blocks And Custom Hook Blocks

Over the past few months I’ve been really focusing on the WordPress Block Editor and making our tools and resources block-focused. I’ve sat back and watched how the community and developers have reacted to this transformational new WordPress feature and I’ve come to realize that this truly is the future of this popular platform. And there are only two groups at this point: Those who get on board and those who find a new website platform. I’m definitely on board, I’m excited, and I look forward to being an asset to those using WP Blocks to fill out their online project pages.

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