Genesis DevKit Plugin

Your WordPress Web Design Toolkit for Genesis powered websites.

The Right Tool For The Job

Genesis DevKit provides you with all you need to create and customize professional Genesis-powered WordPress websites.

  • Point-N-Click Design

Spend less time coding and more time making your website pixel perfect!

  • Intuitive Custom Coding

Add styles, functions, and scripts to your site and fear code no more!

  • Full Blown Theme Editor

Have full access to your active Genesis Child Theme files and folders.

  • Theme Image Manager

Upload, rename, and delete custom images inside your active Child Theme.

  • Child Theme Creator

Create and clone custom Genesis Child Themes with a few simple clicks.

  • Premium DevKit Themes

Start your design from scratch or install one of several premium DevKit Themes (included with DevKit).

DevKit Theme Coming Soon
Coming Soon

  • What Is Genesis DevKit

Genesis DevKit is a WordPress Plugin that was specifically developed to provide professional grade Genesis Website customization through hundreds of point-n-click design options, as well as intuitive custom coding tools. It provides the best of both worlds by creating custom Genesis Child Themes using WordPress best practices, while at the same time offering full design control that almost any WordPress user can master.

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Genesis DevKit Plugin
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  • Premium DevKit Themes Included

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Lifetime Support & Updates
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  • Activate Unlimited Sites!
  • Premium DevKit Themes Included


Eric Hamm

The Genesis DevKit Plugin is a Premium WordPress DEV Tool that is developed, sold, supported, and updated by yours truly. I’ve been in the WordPress software game for over a decade now and thoroughly enjoy meeting the unique needs of the Freelance WordPress Web Designer and Developer.

With Genesis DevKit I am able to offer a website customization Plugin that allows non-coders to create attractive and functional websites, while still providing the seasoned freelancer with all the tools necessary for the most complex client sites. WordPress is by far the most popular and accessible website platform around, and Genesis is an excellent choice for a WordPress Theme Framework. Now just add Genesis DevKit to that dynamic duo and you have a truly unstoppable website creating toolkit!