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The Ultimate Genesis Framework Add-On.

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" Genesis Extender was the first Extender Plugin in our series of framework enhancing tools, with the most robust set of features found in the group. Not only does it provide the same custom coding and action-hook based DEV tools found in the other Extender Plugins, but Genesis Extender also includes a handy "EZ Static Homepage" feature, the most robust PHP Builder of the bunch, and several other notable tools. It truly does enhance the Genesis Framework!"

The Essential Genesis Theme Add-On

Packed With Powerful Framework Extending Features!

Genesis Extender includes a robust set of Custom Coding & Code Building tools along with custom template, widget area, & content creation options. Combined with the Front-end CSS Builder and hook mapping tool, Extender is a powerful framework enhancing Plugin!

Customize Your Site Design With The Intuitive Frontend CSS Builder

An instant favorite for many Extender users, the Front-end CSS Builder tool allows web designers of all skill levels to tweak their site styles with ease. It intuitively writes the CSS code for you and provides real-time results!

Visual Hook Locations In An Instant

Beaver Extender offers an intuitive Front-End Visual Hooks Map feature that provides the developer with an easy way to desipher precisely where the various hooks are located inside the Beaver Builder Theme.

Defined By The Sum Of Its Parts

Our Extender Plugins are not easily defined by a few screenshots and some descriptive text. You really have to use them to appreciate the power behind their collective development controls. Being able to create a custom widget or content area, match it with a WordPress conditional tag or two, and even assign it to a custom label to easily attach to specific pages and posts, makes for a highly flexible developer tool that can accomplish just about any web design task you throw its way.

Who Is This Tool Designed For?

I would say there are two common happy customers when it comes to the Genesis Extender Plugin. First, we have the Genesis user who is fairly new to this particular framework and finds it dificult to customize without a little assistance. Second, there is the Internet marketer/freeelance developer who knows their way around a code editor, but finds the kind of solutions found in Genesis Extender worth their weight in gold, both as a time saver as well as something to grow with as their dev skills improve.

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