cobalt-policies-guidelinesHere at Cobalt Apps we are all about providing top-notch support in a timely fashion. We feel the last thing you should be doing is waiting around for a response from us when you could be making progress on your next online endeavor.

Yet to provide such responsive support we have to be crystal clear about what we can and cannot do for our members when it comes to that one-on-one interaction. Our first priority is that our community as a whole is provided with the best resources and information on their purchased products, as well as the confidence that if and when they need assistance we’ll be there.

So we’ve created this page to help guide our members in the process of seeking out support. We hope to build accurate expectations of what we’ll provide as well as clear direction on how to go about getting help when you need it.

Four Layers Of Support Possibilities

When you find yourself in need of seeking out Cobalt Apps product related assistance there are four layers of support to progress through. These are not intended to create hoops to jump through, but only as a way of making the most of everyone’s time and efforts.

Layer 1 (Knowledgebases): The first place to go when seeking out assistance for your Cobalt Apps products are their corresponding knowledgebases. You will find links to these knowledgebases in your “My Account” page.

Layer 2 (Email Support): If you are unable to find an answer to your question in the knowledgebases then you may contact us directly through the Contact Form on your “My Account” page. But only do so if your support request falls inline with the guidelines laid out in our “Sales & Support Policies” page.

Layer 3 (Community Forum): If your support request does not fall inline with the guidelines laid out in our “Sales & Support Policies” page, or you would just prefer to ask others in our community for their assistance, then you can post your question in our Cobalt Apps Community Forum. Please note, however, that it is only through our email support system that we promise a response. Those on our support team do monitor our forums, but mostly for moderation.

Layer 4 (3rd Party Web Designers): There are times when you really just need a pro to come in and work their magic. You might be stuck on a specific coding issue that you’re unable to find a solution for. Or maybe you have a big web design project coming up and need a pro to either work alongside you or just take over and get it done right. Whatever the circumstance be sure to check our our “Third Party Dynamik Developers” page to see if you can’t connect with the right web developer for the job. We can’t guarantee the results (these are 3rd parties and not affiliated with Cobalt Apps, LLC), but we can provide a list of pros who we’ve filtered through to help ensure their skills and integrity are up to snuff.

Our goal with these clear and concise product support guidelines is to ensure a responsive support system for our members while maintaining a high level of productivity for our team. Product support is just one of many focuses we have as a company so it is critical that we run a tight ship in each area ensuring that the Cobalt Apps “machine” as a whole is “running like a top” 100% of the time.

So we want our members to have confidence in our ability to provide answers when they’re in need of assistance, we just want to make it clear that our solution will not always be to provide such assistance directly. By providing a robust set of resources, direct core product support, a supportive community of users and a list of 3rd party developers we hope to have an answer when you need one. And by laying out what we, as a company, will and will not provide for such members we hope to crush any confusion and provide a smooth system of support for our entire Cobalt Apps membership.

Email Support Response Times

As mentioned above we feel it’s important to build accurate expectations for our members so they can effectively work around them. For direct email product support we strive to be as responsive as possible. And though we try to go above and beyond, here is when you can generally expect to receive a response from your email support request:

  • During weekdays you should receive a response within 24 hours of sending your email.
  • During weekends and holidays you should receive a response within 48 hours of sending your email.