Introducing The Freelancer DevKit Plugin

If you’re at all familiar with my products then you know that I try to find a solid balance between “user-friendly” and “best-practices”. My goal is generally to provide tools that make WordPress Web Development more accessible to a larger set of users, while at the same time keeping the end results professional and high quality. I always keep in mind the fact that there’s a good chance that either a business or a client will be on the other end of what our members produce with our tools. So anything less that top-notch is unacceptable. Read more “Introducing The Freelancer DevKit Plugin”

A Complete Guide To Cloud Server Setup With SSL Enabled Domain

In this tutorial I walk you through the entire process, from beginning to end, of setting up a cloud server, pointing your domain to it, and using a SAAS (Software As A Service) cloud server management solution like ServerPilot to complete the process. The cloud server I use in this tutorial is Vultr, but others like Linode or DigitalOcean will do. I also use Hover (domain registration service), but of course you can use whatever you like. Read more “A Complete Guide To Cloud Server Setup With SSL Enabled Domain”

Introducing Extender Pro And A More Cohesive Set Of WP DEV Tools

Last month I laid out the Cobalt Apps Roadmap for 2018, with an emphasis on consolidation and cohesion with our WP DEV tools. Well today I’m excited to announce a brand new Plugin and a new feature shared by our flagship products that will be the first major step in this new direction. So let’s not waste anytime and get straight to the good stuff! Read more “Introducing Extender Pro And A More Cohesive Set Of WP DEV Tools”

Instant IDE vs Themer Pro vs Extender – Comparing Cobalt Apps DEV Plugins

After several requests for such a resource I went ahead and created a screencast that compares and contrasts three of our main DEV Plugins, looking at not only how each tool differs and what unique features it brings to the table, but also how each can be combined to create a seriously powerful WordPress Development Environment! So if this is something you’re interested in learning more about then grab some popcorn and check out the screencast below… Read more “Instant IDE vs Themer Pro vs Extender – Comparing Cobalt Apps DEV Plugins”

Introducing Instant IDE 1.1.0: The Ultimate WordPress IDE Is In Our Crosshairs!

A few months ago we presented a small portion of the WordPress community with a unique take on a new kind of IDE. This was a completely portable development environment that could be installed in an instant and yet provides some of the most powerful features found when developing a WordPress-powered website. We called it Instant IDE and it truly lived up to its name. Read more “Introducing Instant IDE 1.1.0: The Ultimate WordPress IDE Is In Our Crosshairs!”

Cobalt All Access Lifetime Is Now Available

Back in May of this year we launched Cobalt All Access, a bundle that includes ALL of our products, current AND future, as well as a single unlimited license that can activate everything we offer. At the time we offered it as a Lifetime license, but only for a limited time, and then we switched it over to a yearly subscription at a reduced price. Read more “Cobalt All Access Lifetime Is Now Available”

Cobalt Apps 2018 Development Roadmap

The following is a kind of “moving target” development roadmap for Cobalt Apps in 2018, with the product ideas and updates being pretty concrete, but the order and timeframes left for organic execution. So let’s get to it and lay out the key goals for the Cobalt Apps freelance WordPress developer product lineup in 2018.

First, A Few Points About Some Primary Goals

When I first started out in the WordPress Theme and Plugin dev business I was primarily focused on a specific product. Yet over the years this has morphed into more of a specific area of WP software development, with the freelance WordPress developer as my target audience, and therefore my products lining up with their specific needs. But in the transition I’ve found that many of my products overlap in certain areas or share several features, making it a bit difficult at times to pick the right tool for the job or to know which tool does what. So one of the primary goals behind my 2018 development efforts is to more clearly distinguish my various products so that few features overlap and few tools negate the need for another. Read more “Cobalt Apps 2018 Development Roadmap”

Introducing Instant IDE And A Notable New Dynamik Update

It’s been a busy couple of months to say the least, but I have some exciting new tools and features to show for it! So without further ado let’s get straight to it…

Instant IDE And The Instant IDE Manager Plugin

Last month we started beta testing my latest dev tool called Instant IDE. This is a powerful web-based development environment that works completely outside/independent of WordPress, giving you full control over your WP-powered websites. It’s actually so independent that you can use it on ANY website, not just those running WordPress. Having said that, our target market has always been WordPress freelance developers and that hasn’t changed with Instant IDE. And that’s where the Instant IDE Manager Plugin comes in. Read more “Introducing Instant IDE And A Notable New Dynamik Update”

Instant IDE: Our Latest Product Is Ready For Beta Testing

For those of you who have not yet heard about this latest Cobalt Apps DEV tool I’m excited to share it with you today! It’s called Instant IDE and it’s our first platform-independent developer tool offered on! If you’re familiar with our current product line you can think of Instant IDE as Themer Pro, but WordPress-independent and massively refined. It turns any website into a full-blown professional development environment (IDE) in a an instant! And it’s now ready for BETA testing, so who would like to play with this thing and help me work out the bugs and get it ready for prime time?! Read more “Instant IDE: Our Latest Product Is Ready For Beta Testing”