Extender Pro 1.2.0 Update Now Allows Customizations To Remain In Effect Even After Deactivation

Ever since Extender Pro was released there have been quite a few freelancers who’ve wanted to know if they could use it to customize a website and then deactivate/delete Extender Pro without losing their customizations. And until now the answer was always no, you have to keep Extender Pro active to retain your customizations. But now, with this 1.2.0 update, Extender Pro allows you to install/activate a simple “Extender Pro Export” Plugin on the site in question so you can then remove Extender Pro without losing your custom work that was done through the Extender Pro Plugin.

To see how this all works be sure to checkout the screencast below:

A note regarding Genesis Extender…

We still sell, support, and update the Genesis Extender Plugin, but Extender Pro is essentially the Genesis Extender replacement. It supports several theme frameworks and not just Genesis, and it is quite a bit more refined at this point. But Genesis Extender does have a few notable features that are not found in Extender Pro such as a EZ Static Homepage option and both CSS and PHP code builders. So some still prefer it over Extender Pro, but I believe that more and more are finding those extras not that big a deal and prefer the more refined and flexible Extender Pro Plugin.

But the main point here is that most of the Genesis Extender updates are focused on security and bug fixes and not new features and refinements like Extender Pro. So this new “Extender Pro Export” Plugin feature is not something that is found in Genesis Extender.

So if you own Genesis Extender and would like to update to Extender Pro you can do this for free through your “My Account” page, clicking the “View Licenses” link at the top-right, and then clicking the appropriate “View Updates” link. You should be able to update to Extender Pro at no extra cost. Also note that if you activate Extender Pro that was previously using Genesis Extender you’ll be able to automatically move all of your Genesis Extender customizations over to Extender Pro with the click of a button in your Extender Pro > Import/Export admin area.

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