WordPress Web Design Challenge: Ask Eric Hamm

What’s up guys! I’ve been looking for various ways to offer more consistent tutorials and screencasts that are specific to our Cobalt Apps DEV tools, and WordPress Web Design in general. Yet I find that trying to come up with my own ideas is much less fruitful than responding to your own requests for Freelance Development insight. So I’ve come up with an idea that could be really useful or a total waste of time. 🙂 Time will tell.

It’s pretty simple, but hopefully structured enough to produce some useful content. The basic idea is this: Anyone who is interested, just fill out and submit THIS FORM (the form thing didn’t work right, so go to the bottom of this post for the questions related to this WP Challenge), providing me with just enough information to try and tackle a WP DEV challenge you’re stuck on. Or maybe it’s something you know how to do, but are just interested in seeing how I might tackle it myself.

I would simply ask for only one specific task per submission, and be sure to present it in such a way that I can do this on my end, in a test site, so I can effectively record my experience without revealing any personal information of your own (links to your sites, names, etc…). In other words, try and keep it generic because I will be showing your submitted form in the screencast itself and working off it on my own test sites.

So What’s Unique About This Format?

I don’t know about you, but I watch quite a bit of YouTube. From sports highlights to How To’s to clips from old movies to YT original shows, I enjoy popping on and checking out the latest offerings. And one thing I find is that the shows that keep you coming back are ones that come at you at a different angle than just presenting the information. And that’s one thing I’m trying to do here. So instead of doing what I normally do which is first figure out how to properly complete the challenge and THEN present it in a screencast, I’m going to instead record the entire process, including the part where I first read the form. Kind of like a “one-take”.

The primary purpose of doing it this way is so that you not only come away with a solution, but you will also see how I came down to that solution. You’ll get to see my thought process. I’m hopefully going to be not only giving you a fish, but showing you how to fish as well, if that makes sense.

Hopefully we’ll all find this to be useful and productive and worthwhile, but it could just end up being a few videos of me stumbling my way over to barely useful solutions that could have been googled in a fraction of the time. So there’s that. 🙂 But hopefully not.

So for anyone interested in this experiment please fill out THIS FORM (see below for alternative solution to a form) with any relevant information and I’ll do my best to get to it as soon as I can. Please note that I can’t promise that every submission will result in a screencast (I’ll be picking DEV challenges based on what I think would produce the most useful content for the masses, so something too specific to you or too difficult for a short-ish video will likely get sidestepped). And since these forms will be anonymous I won’t be able to notify you specifically if I produce a screencast based on it, so you’ll need to be sure to subscribe to my Cobalt Apps YouTube Channel and/or this blog.

I look forward to trying this out and will hopefully produce some content that will be useful to those looking to hone their DEV skills. Thanks in advance!

Scratch The Form Idea…

So the form idea is a no-go for now, so please just email me the following if you want to participate:

  1. Summation sentence to what you’d like me to do.
  2. Specify WP Theme you’d like me to use, if any.
  3. Specify any Cobalt Apps DEV tools you’d like me to work with.
  4. Specify any other Plugins you’d like me to use.
  5. Specify any relevant links or code snippets, etc…
  6. Provide a clear explanation of what exactly you’d like me to accomplish for you.
  7. Email the above information to the address shown at the bottom of our Contact Page.
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