Is Genesis DevKit Replacing Dynamik Website Builder?

After several Dynamik users contacted me with this particular question, I felt it necessary to try and clear things up for anyone else who might wonder if the Genesis DevKit Plugin is in fact replacing Dynamik Website Builder. The simple answer is no, definitely not, but there’s quite a bit of nuance to that answer that is worth expanding on, so if you’re interested read on…

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WordPress Web Design Challenge: Ask Eric Hamm

What’s up guys! I’ve been looking for various ways to offer more consistent tutorials and screencasts that are specific to our Cobalt Apps DEV tools, and WordPress Web Design in general. Yet I find that trying to come up with my own ideas is much less fruitful than responding to your own requests for Freelance Development insight. So I’ve come up with an idea that could be really useful or a total waste of time. 🙂 Time will tell.

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12 Days Of Coding: Add Custom Content To Your WordPress Pages Using Action Hooks And Extender Pro

In this 12 Days Of Coding post I will show you the ins and outs of WordPress Action Hooks and how you can use them to easily add custom content to your website’s pages. For this tutorial I used our Freelancer Framework and our Extender Pro Plugin. With this combination I was able to use both custom coding and a super useful Extender Pro feature called Custom Hook Boxes to add and remove custom content on the front-end of my website.

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Integrate Facebook With Your Website

Facebook UsersThree out of every two people on earth visit Facebook each day.

Thats only a mild exaggeration, the point is that many people use Facebook, so it just makes sense to have your website cozy up to Facebook.  This is separate from creating a Facebook Fan Page, like ours for Dynamik Website Builder, for your small business or non-profit organization.

Cozying your website up to Facebook involves possibly using Facebook Comments on your website, or allowing your website to automatically add your new articles/posts to your aforementioned Facebook Fan page, making it crazy easy for your visitors to share you and your content with everyone who can benefit from it. Read more “Integrate Facebook With Your Website”