Black Friday 2019

From now through Monday December 2nd we are offering 30% off all purchases for Black Friday and Cyber Monday! Just be sure to use the coupon code BLACKCYBER30 at checkout.

And for all who are celebrating, have a wonderful and blessed Thanksgiving!

Saying Goodbye To The Cobalt Apps Community Forum For Good

I know, this makes what, like 3 Cobalt Apps forums that I’ve gone through in the past few years. It’s true. But in my defense I’ve not only run into forum software issues that have made it difficult to provide a reliable solution for online discussion, but more than that it’s been less and less useful with the continued growth of popular social media communities that seem to be the preferred place for this kind of interaction.

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Lifetime License Flash Sale Extended 24 Hours!

To allow more people to participate in our Cobalt Apps Lifetime License Weekend Flash Sale I’ve extended it by 24 hours. I’ve received numerous questions from Cobalt Apps members to help them determine the best lifetime solution for their needs, and extending the sale a bit will help me more fully address these informational requests. So if you have any questions just shoot us an email, and if you just need a little more time to make an informed decision, now you’ve got it!

Lifetime License Weekend Flash Sale!

This past year has ushered in quite a few notable updates, additions, and overall refinements to our Cobalt Apps WP DEV Tool lineup. From new Plugins, to new Dynamik Skins, to notable product updates, the Cobalt Apps Theme and Plugin lineup has only gotten better and stronger. And from time to time I like to sweeten the deal even more by offering a large discount (35% to be exact) for lifetime license purchases. These include both new product purchases and lifetime upgrades as well. This means that you can upgrade a product to either that product’s lifetime license or go all-in with All Access Lifetime, and receive a discount for the difference of that product, and then use this flash sale’s discount code to get an even better deal!

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How To Make Your WordPress Page Builder Pages Full Width When Using The Genesis Framework

Over the years there have been many ways to tackle this particular need, but with the recent addition of the Gutenberg Editor to the WordPress platform and the unique way that the Genesis Framework handles things like hiding unwanted elements and tweaking styles to expand certain pages to full width, I thought it would be nice to provide an updated solution.

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How To Create A SASS And Gulp Version Of The Genesis Sample Theme And Then Customize It The Easy Way

Yesterday I was reading through some of the posts in the Genesis WordPress Facebook group when I stumbled upon a thread where quite a few Genesis users were discussing the best way to create a SASS, and even Gulp ready, version of the Genesis Sample Theme. Some suggested solutions, but then clarified that these were outdated and therefore not really useful at this point in time. Also mentioned was the fact that even once you get a Sassified Sample stylesheet you are then confronted with the sometimes difficult feat of figuring out how to compile the SCSS code. It was like they were describing all that makes our Themer Pro Plugin awesome, but without realizing that it existed. I couldn’t help but chime in! 🙂

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Genesis DevKit And Themer Pro Updates Along With The All New Genesis DEV Pack Bundle

I’m super excited to finally release both the Genesis DevKit 1.1.0 and Themer Pro 1.2.0 updates! I’ve been working on these for the past month or so, awaiting the release of Genesis 3.1. So now that StudioPress has delighted us with this notable Genesis release we can also enjoy all the new goodies found in Genesis DevKit and Themer Pro.

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Why Genesis 3.1 Is Such A Significant Framework Update

Genesis has always been about the framework. Its developers have worked hard to retain its core purpose as a pure framework theme, which is to provide a solid foundation for its Child Themes, the very thing that makes it so darn useful as an efficient WordPress website building tool. You can’t even activate Genesis by itself without it griping at you about how you need to activate a Child Theme. It’s like a grumpy old man sitting in his rocking chair saying, “When I was your age there was no scrolling down a page. You could only scroll UP. And there were no navbars. If you wanted to find a page on a website you just had to start typing random page names at the end of URLs and hope for the best. So stop all your griping and activate a Child Theme already!!” But he’s right, a great framework is naked without its Child Theme. It’s a foundation laid in rock solid concrete, but without walls, paint, and essential oils diffusing in the corner of the room, I mean if you’re into that kind of thing.

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Instant IDE 1.5.0 Adds Next-Level Features And Refinements

To get an instant idea 😉 of how significant this Instant IDE update actually is, just compare its version number to the one prior. Yep, I skipped 1.4 and went straight to 1.5 because there was just too much packed into this update. We’re not talking about a few new options or one notable feature, but several game-changers all bundled into a seriously exciting release! Too much hype? Well, let’s checkout what’s new and find out…

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