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Facebook UsersThree out of every two people on earth visit Facebook each day.

Thats only a mild exaggeration, the point is that many people use Facebook, so it just makes sense to have your website cozy up to Facebook.  This is separate from creating a Facebook Fan Page, like ours for Dynamik Website Builder, for your small business or non-profit organization.

Cozying your website up to Facebook involves possibly using Facebook Comments on your website, or allowing your website to automatically add your new articles/posts to your aforementioned Facebook Fan page, making it crazy easy for your visitors to share you and your content with everyone who can benefit from it.

It’s No Longer Complicated

Its actually rather simple now that the Facebook engineers created a WordPress plugin to make your WordPress website work wonderfully with Facebook.  Here’s how to set it up.

First you will need a copy of the Facebook WordPress plugin, you can grab a copy from the WordPress Plugin Repository and upload it, or you can install it within WordPress.

Step-By-Step Installation and Setup

Install Facebook Plugin On Your Website

Plugins WordPress

Lets walk through the installation within WordPress, start by logging into WordPress, then look at the left hand navigation column.  Find the Plugins Section and click on Add New.

Next type Facebook into your search field and press enter.

Search Plugins for Facebook Plugin

That will lead you to this screen:

Facebook Plugin Install now

Click Install Now and once installed, Activate The Plugin.  Now you will see a Facebook option near the bottom of the left-hand WordPress navigation column.


Click the Facebook link

Install Your Website On Facebook

Now you need to link up your WordPress website with Facebook, this is accomplished by creating a Facebook Application, which is a whole lot simpler than it sounds.

Just keep focused on this simple fact, you need to get 3 things from Facebook: your (1)App ID, (2)Secret, and (3)Namespace.

Step By Step

1. Make sure you are logged into Facebook, then click this link

create-new-facebook-app2. Click the Create An App button.

3. Fill in a name for your app, such as your website name.

4.  On the next screen, there are two sections we added, there are others but for this tutorial, just click the first two selections underneath Select How Your App Integrates With Facebook


Be sure to add your website url to the box provided for each and then click save changes.

5. Now you just need to copy and paste your App ID, Secret, and Namespace into your Facebook application in your WordPress backend.  WordPress Facebook Plugin | Settings

Scroll down to the bottom and enter each of the three, click Save Changes and your website is integrated with Facebook and it’s 800 Million users.

Pick Your Poison

Its really not poisonous, promise.  Now you’ll see the page for choosing the ways your website will cozy up to Facebook.

Facebook Post page Settings

Toggle the check box beside each of the Options you want to activate and you will have an options area drop down, for most you will be fine using the default settings but you can also click the Read More link for additional information from Facebook.

FYI: We have activated the Social Publisher, Subscribe Button, and Recommendations Bar activated on this website.

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