Ace Editor Update To Both Dynamik 2.6.0 And Extender Pro 1.1.0

For quite some time now I have received feature requests for both Dynamik Website Builder and Extender Pro to add Ace Editor support to both the Custom Template and Custom Hook Box features. And in this update I’ve decided to do just that. You’ll also now find Ace Editor Support in the Dynamik Responsive Design Options, for the six media query boxes.

So What Is Ace Editor Support?

This means that certain textareas now have syntax highlighting, line numbers, and all the other coding goodies found in popular code editors. And though Dynamik and Extender had this support for the Custom CSS, PHP, and JS features, the other custom coding textareas were plain old textareas, which is less than ideal for coding.

Dynamik-Specific Updates

The updates that are unique to Dynamik include…

  • Ace Editor support for the the Dynamik Responsive Design Options media query textareas.
  • Increased the max-width of the Dynamik admin options.
  • Updated to the latest version of Font Awesome 5.
  • Fixed bug where logo images with spaces were not displaying on the front-end.

Updates That Affect Both Dynamik And Extender

  • Added Ace Editor support to both Custom Template and Hook Box features and refined their UI designs.
  • Added a </wrap php> button to both the Custom Template and Hook Box features.

A Few Things To Note About These Updates

  • I removed the “View Only” button from the Custom Option Boxes to help make room for the “wrap php” buttons, but also because you can get the same results by simply typing (or copy/pasting) the name of the Custom Hook Box or Template or Widget Area into the appropriate “Search” field at the top of the page. That will hide all other boxes and only show that particular one.
  • The “wrap php” buttons are simply a way to wrap your entire textarea content in opening and closing PHP tags with a click of a button. So essentially, those times when you copy/paste some PHP code into a Custom Hook Box, for example, and need to wrap it with PHP tags, it’s just a little easier to do now.
  • The Ace Editor supported textareas can now be resized by dragging either the “grab” icon in the bottom-right corner of the textarea or by clicking and dragging the bottom of the textarea downward.

So it’s not a major update, but it kind of is, especially for those who do a lot of coding in those various textareas. Hopefully this update will prove to be useful to many.

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