Ace Editor Update To Both Dynamik 2.6.0 And Extender Pro 1.1.0

For quite some time now I have received feature requests for both Dynamik Website Builder and Extender Pro to add Ace Editor support to both the Custom Template and Custom Hook Box features. And in this update I’ve decided to do just that. You’ll also now find Ace Editor Support in the Dynamik Responsive Design Options, for the six media query boxes.

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Calling All Dynamik Users! The Dynamik Skin Store Is Here!

I can’t wipe this smile off my face. I’m serious, I’ve been grinning for the past week. šŸ™‚ And not just because I’ve been anticipating the launch of this awesome new Premium Dynamik Resource, but because I’ve really had a re-birth of appreciation and excitement regarding this amazing website building theme! I know, it probably sounds corny, but I’ve been like a kid in a candy store with this thing. And what’s crazy is that I haven’t pushed out any new update or anything like that for Dynamik, but have simply re-connected with all that makes Dynamik awesome. And I think the reason for this is because the Skin aspect of Dynamik really provides the foundation for all of the other built-in DEV tools. In other words, if you’re working with solid Skins then you’re already ahead of the game with Dynamik itself.

This is where my excitement for this new Dynamik offering comes into play. Here I get to dedicate some of my web development time to essentially pre-package my expertise into high quality Premium Dynamik Skins. And I’m doing so over at the Official Dynamik Skins Store! There you will find the beginnings of efforts to provide our Dynamik members with the very best design starting points and hopefully helping those Dynamik Freelancers up their game and increase their revenue. I know how much time really is money, and these Skins should save you a ton of time! Read more “Calling All Dynamik Users! The Dynamik Skin Store Is Here!”

Introducing Instant IDE And A Notable New Dynamik Update

It’s been a busy couple of months to say the least, but I have some exciting new tools and features to show for it! So without further ado let’s get straight to it…

Instant IDE And The Instant IDE Manager Plugin

Last month we started beta testing my latest dev tool called Instant IDE. This is a powerful web-based development environment that works completely outside/independent of WordPress, giving you full control over your WP-powered websites. It’s actually so independent that you can use it on ANY website, not just those running WordPress. Having said that, our target market has always been WordPress freelance developers and that hasn’t changed with Instant IDE. And that’s where the Instant IDE Manager Plugin comes in. Read more “Introducing Instant IDE And A Notable New Dynamik Update”

Introducing Freelancer: The Framework For The Freelancer WordPress Developer

I’m writing this candid blog post after many months of intense, focused framework development, and I must say that I couldn’t be more excited! This particular project is quite near and dear to my passionate pursuit for that perfect dev tool to present to WP freelancers everywhere. Everything about it, from the code that forms its foundation to the system that distributes it all, has been purposefully presented to ideally meet the needs of its intended audience. You could say for sure that Freelancer is not meant for everyone, but that’s absolutely a good thing! There are plenty of theme solutions out there that are a good fit for the masses, but Freelancer strives to live up to its name and suit itself solely for those making a living (or looking to start doing so) through WordPress freelance development. Read more “Introducing Freelancer: The Framework For The Freelancer WordPress Developer”

Dynamik And Extender Updates: Template Post Types And More

We just pushed out updates for both Dynamik Website Builder and our Extender Plugins and I wanted to take a few minutes to go over the notable points.

Template Post Types

First let’s talk about a new feature found in all three tools in keeping up with some of the latest offerings found in WordPress version 4.7+. In 4.7 we were given the ability to make Page Templates available to all post types, not just WordPress pages. This means you can not only make them available in regular blog posts, but any post type you like. And this is easy enough to add in since you simply includeĀ a single line near the top of your template file, but since Dynamik and the Extender Plugins control the templates through their UI this needed to be added through a new option. So this is what we did. Read more “Dynamik And Extender Updates: Template Post Types And More”

Dynamik Website Builder 1.9.3 Update Overview

settingsThe Dynamik 1.9.3 update includes a few notable new options which have been requested by many users for some time now. These new features are focused on the Header and two main menus and offer subtle tweaks that should make manipulating these areas of your site much easier. Read more “Dynamik Website Builder 1.9.3 Update Overview”

A Fresh Focus For Dynamik Website Builder

Colorful FocusDynamik Website Builder is quite a mature WordPress Theme with regard to code and feature refinements and has been a solid web design tool for some time now. But there has always been a very important missing element that, I believe, has kept it from being as useful and user-friendly as it could be. And before I beat around the bush anymore let me start by getting straight to the point: Dynamik Skins! Read more “A Fresh Focus For Dynamik Website Builder”

New Pricing & Licensing Structure For Cobalt Apps Products

I’ve had the privilege to be a part of the WordPress community as a developer and seller of Themes and Plugins for over 5 years now. During that time I’ve witnessed many fads, phases and changes in business models. I’ve watched some small companies crop up out of nowhere and then disappear as quickly as they came and I’ve seen others find their stride and grow into quite profitable and reputableĀ businesses.

During this time there has been one common thread that seems to keep winding its way through this short history of WordPress businesses and that is the idea of sustainability and recurring revenue. With a few bold businesses deciding to take the leap and be the first to implement license keys and yearly subscriptionsĀ for their products we began to see a new era unfold. Now it’s quite common to find “one year of support and updates” tacked onto the features list of your favorite premium WP products. The obvious reason for this is to ensure sustainability in your company as you strive to provide your current and future customers with the best products and support possible. Read more “New Pricing & Licensing Structure For Cobalt Apps Products”

Dynamik Version 1.6 Takes Skins To A Whole New Level

Dynamik Skins AdminThis was an exciting Dynamik update to implement as it involved taking an idea for Skins that had been floating around in my head for quite some time and turning it into a reality. This update allowed me to take the idea of the “Dynamik Skin” and solidify it by making the concept more concrete to the end-user, more malleable to the Skin designer and more useful for everyone. Read more “Dynamik Version 1.6 Takes Skins To A Whole New Level”