Introducing Dynamik Website Builder 1.5 and Genesis Extender 1.4

u-control-snapshotWith one of the biggest updates in quite some time (especially for Dynamik) I’m excited to finally release and share with our community these notable Cobalt Apps product updates!

First, before I touch on a few points I wanted to make it clear that for those wanting to cut to the chase and see all the new changes to Dynamik and/or Genesis Extender you can scroll to the bottom of this post and click on the appropriate changelog links. Also, the screencast just above those links will walk you through the main points of those lists. Read more “Introducing Dynamik Website Builder 1.5 and Genesis Extender 1.4”

Dynamik Website Builder 1.3: New Default Design And More Responsive Than Ever

iPhone Dynamik 1.3 Demo Page

The Dynamik Website Builder and Genesis Extender 1.2 update was all about the Custom Options, providing several new powerful tools to display your content and structure your pages and posts. But Dynamik 1.3 is ALL about design, both in the “defaults” department as well as the way it responds to tablets and mobile phones.

Our main emphasis with 1.3 was to not only completely redesign the default styles of Dynamik (check out the updated Dynamik Demo Site), but to refine and enhance both the options that already existed as well as add any necessary options to bring it all together. Previous features like the various mobile menus have been completely reinvented to provide the best possible experience for both the developer as well as the site visitor. And a few new design options have also found their way into Dynamik to provide the end-user with an even more complete package to build their latest custom WordPress websites.

If you’d like to play around with the updated Dynamik Demo site in terms of viewing on various devices you can check it out on the Screenfly tool found over at Read more “Dynamik Website Builder 1.3: New Default Design And More Responsive Than Ever”

StudioPress 50% off discount extended

If you own the Catalyst Theme

For those that own Catalyst, StudioPress created a 50% off discount code, which was originally set to expire today at 5PM PT. The StudioPress folks have extended the discount for an additional week and will now expire next Friday, August, 2, 2013.

You will find the discount link on your My Account page, located in the top right navbar of Cobalt Apps.

If you happen to have trouble buying

If you have any issues while making your purchase of the Genesis Framework, please contact StudioPress Support and they will get you taken care of as soon as possible.

Some Help Getting Started:

Introducing Dynamik Website Builder And Genesis Extender 1.2

This is by far the biggest update to hit these two Genesis powered products since version 1.0 and we’re absolutely blown away at the added flexibility! From the subtle, but notable refinements to the interface (Retina-ready images, for example) to the powerful new Custom Options that seriously take customizing your site’s structure and content to a whole new level, version 1.2 is a huge step forward! Read more “Introducing Dynamik Website Builder And Genesis Extender 1.2”

A Warm Welcome to Community Members Old and New

Welcome to Cobalt Apps, home of the Dynamik Website Builder and the Genesis Extender Plugin.

We’re thrilled to have you with us because, after all, what is WordPress, what’s a WordPress theme, and what’s a WordPress product without a community?

It’s you, the community of old friends and new friends that make everything possible. We thank you for being here, and we’re happy to have you along for the ride. Read more “A Warm Welcome to Community Members Old and New”

Introducing The Dynamik Website Builder For The Genesis Framework

We’ve been developing WordPress Themes for over 3 years now and this is the third major contribution we’ve made to the WordPress community. The first was a Framework named Frugal, then we phased that out to introduce Catalyst, our premier Framework, and now we’ve developed the Dynamik Website Builder for the Genesis Framework.

Packed with Catalyst DNA, Dynamik for Genesis utilizes many of the powerful web design tools we’ve developed for Catalyst and its own version of Dynamik. From the hundreds of no-coding design options, to intuitive page structuring controls that allow you to create an unlimited number of Custom Widget and Content Areas to the fun and super useful Front-end CSS Builder, the Dynamik Website Builder is…well…awesome! 🙂 Read more “Introducing The Dynamik Website Builder For The Genesis Framework”