Introducing Dynamik Website Builder And Genesis Extender 1.2

This is by far the biggest update to hit these two Genesis powered products since version 1.0 and we’re absolutely blown away at the added flexibility! From the subtle, but notable refinements to the interface (Retina-ready images, for example) to the powerful new Custom Options that seriously take customizing your site’s structure and content to a whole new level, version 1.2 is a huge step forward!

Some of the notable additions…

Custom WordPress/Page Template Option:

Now creating a hard coded custom WordPress and/or Page template requires no FTP access or file editors. Just click “Add”, flip some switches and paste in your Template code and Dynamik/Extender will create the files for you and place them where they need to go. Need some help writing the PHP code? Read on…

Custom PHP Builder:

Similar to our Custom CSS Builder feature, this awesome new tool actually writes your Genesis/PHP code for you. This is super handy for both your Custom Functions, maybe a snippet here or there in a Custom Hook Box or for creating a full blown Custom Template.

Custom JS:

Similar to the Custom Functions feature the Custom JS option provides a simple interface for adding your own custom javascript/jQuery code to your site.

Custom Labels:

Now this is where things get interesting. This is a unique feature only found in our products where you can create custom labels that you can then use to essentially “tag” or … “label” your pages, posts and/or custom post types which you can then focus custom code, widget areas, hook boxes and styles on, giving you TONS of control over the individual content areas of your site! And you can select as many or few labels as you like for each page or post. The options are endless!

For a full list of the updates be sure to check out the Dynamik Website Builder 1.2 Changelog and Genesis Extender 1.2 Changelog.

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