Dynamik Website Builder 1.9.3 Update Overview

settingsThe Dynamik 1.9.3 update includes a few notable new options which have been requested by many users for some time now. These new features are focused on the Header and two main menus and offer subtle tweaks that should make manipulating these areas of your site much easier.

Center Title Area/Logo

Now you can center your Title Area (both text titles and image logos) with a single check box. Note that when this option is enabled certain options are then hidden as they are no longer relevant. This would include, for example, the Header Right Widget Area which is removed when your Title Area is centered.

Header Minimum Height & Title Area Height

I’ve split out the “Header Height” option into two separate height options to not only squash an annoying bug that was distorting logo images under certain circumstances, but to also provide greater overall control. So now you can define your Header’s Minimum Height and then separately set your Title Area Width and Height to match the exact dimensions of your Logo Image to ensure perfect presentation. Note that the Title Area Height option is only relevant when using an Image Logo and has no effect on Text Titles.

Header Image Logo Bottom Margin

I can’t remember why exactly I chose not to include this option in version 1.0, but either way it’s here now. ­čÖé No more need to Custom CSS your Logo’s bottom spacing.

Primary & Secondary Menu Alignments

Now both the Primary and Secondary Menus have an alignment option that makes it super simple to either left align them (the default value) or center them.

Vertical Toggle Tablet

Now included in the list of Navbar Media Query Style Options is the Vertical Toggle Tablet Option which simply makes it so the Vertical Toggle responsive menu feature kicks-in at that first media query trigger point instead of the last (Tablets instead of just mobile phones). I then re-named a few of these options to make it clear which ones were mobile and which were tablet versions.

Check out the 1.9.3 Changelog or watch the demo screencast of this update below:

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