Custom Coding Your Dynamik Skin

custom-coding-skin-buttons-featured-imageSeveral months back we added an intuitive solution to custom coding individual Dynamik Skins and in this tutorial I want showcase this feature and explain how it works and what makes it unique from the other custom coding Dynamik options.

First, let me note the fact that by default you will not see the custom coding buttons in your Dynamik Design > Skins section as they are not present in the “Default Skin”. Read more “Custom Coding Your Dynamik Skin”

Dynamik Website Builder 1.9.3 Update Overview

settingsThe Dynamik 1.9.3 update includes a few notable new options which have been requested by many users for some time now. These new features are focused on the Header and two main menus and offer subtle tweaks that should make manipulating these areas of your site much easier. Read more “Dynamik Website Builder 1.9.3 Update Overview”

Dynamik Loves Page Builder Plugins

page-builder-plugin-template-postWe recently released Dynamik version 1.8 to fix a few bugs, add a few refinements and include a new Page Template specifically to address the need for better Page Builder Plugin compatibility. And it is this last point that I want to expand upon in this post, providing a general overview of this new Dynamik feature and what it means for our members. Read more “Dynamik Loves Page Builder Plugins”

Retina Ready Logos: A New Dynamik Feature

Retina Display

With Dynamik Website Builder 1.4.2 hot off the presses I thought I’d take a moment to share one of the new features found in this latest version of our flagship product.

This new feature gives you the ability to easily add a “Retina-Ready” (High Definition) version of your site’s logo, ensuring a crisp and clear rendering of your brand on high definition displays. From iPhones to iPads to MacBook Pros to Google’s HD tablets, your logo will take full advantage of those extra pixels instead of becoming blurry and pixellated. Read more “Retina Ready Logos: A New Dynamik Feature”

Introducing the Custom CSS Builder

CSS BuilderLast week’s Feature of the Week Post provided an introduction to the Dynamik Website Builder showing how easy it is to implement significant design and styling changes quickly and easily with it.

That particular post showed how changing the colour, width, shadow and shape of the Wrap Border around the site could be achieved with just a few clicks. Read more “Introducing the Custom CSS Builder”