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page-builder-plugin-template-postWe recently released Dynamik version 1.8 to fix a few bugs, add a few refinements and include a new Page Template specifically to address the need for better Page Builder Plugin compatibility. And it is this last point that I want to expand upon in this post, providing a general overview of this new Dynamik feature and what it means for our members.

page-builder-template-select-screenshotDynamik has always played fairly well with the various Page Builder Plugins out there. However, to allow them to take full control over the pages, including the implementation of full width designs, either a Page Template or a bit of Custom CSS was needed. I chose the former for the update as it seemed to be the solution that most fully addressed the need. Coupled with some additional default CSS, you now simply select the new “Page Builder” page template and then let the Plugin take over from there.

Regarding the source for the Page Builder template code, credit goes to two individuals. About 95% of the code came from Sridhar Katakam for his Full Width Genesis Page Template Tutorial. And when I contacted him about using his code for the update, he mentioned that a similar post by Bill Erickson was a source of some of his template code, so I just want to make sure that credit is given where credit is due.

The template itself does three main things when assigned to particular pages:

  1. Adds a .dynamik-page-builder body class.
  2. Filters out all divs inside the .site-inner div, to provide a clean, efficient solution for handing over the page structure to the Page Builder Plugin.
  3. Adds appropriate content area HTML attributes to the .site-inner div, which is now the main content wrapper div.

Then the Dynamik Stylesheet assigns the .dynamik-page-builder body class to the appropriate content area styles so that your Dynamik Design > “Content” Typography controls still take effect. And this body class also allows you to easily custom style your Page Builder pages using Custom CSS.

Page Builder Plugins

One of the things I love about WordPress is the ability to mix and match web design tools to get the best overall results. From picking the perfect framework to finding the right Child Theme to pinpointing the necessary Plugins for the job at hand. And though Dynamik offers a whole lot of functionality in a single package it can’t, nor does it attempt to, cover all the bases. And though you can certainly structure your pages with all kinds of possibilities with its built-in tools there’s no denying the fact that the many Page Builder Plugins available today provide even Dynamik users with a web design advantage.

So it is with this recognition that we decided to implement this compatibility update in the latest version of Dynamik. And it is with this Page Builder Template that you will now be able to use your favorite Page Builder Plugin to take greater control of your Dynamik-powered pages.

Now, just to answer the inevitable question that will most certainly come our way, let me mention our favorite Page Builder Plugin to date. It’s called Beaver Builder and we’ve recently started using it for various Dynamik web design projects and have found the overall results to be excellent! After a little play time with the Plugin you can start cranking out landing pages and homepages and pretty much whatever kind of page you need in a matter of minutes! Also, one of my favorite parts that I believe helps set it apart from the rest of the current Page Builder offerings is the fact that it doesn’t use a ton of shortcodes to get the job done. So even if you were to de-activate it and stop using it you wouldn’t find the square bracketed mess left by many others. Instead you’ll have real-deal content in place, with maybe just a little styling needed to get back its showroom finish. Add the ease of use and powerful page building features and you’ve got yourself another go-to WP Plugin to add to your web design toolbox.

But that’s just us. We know there are many great Page Builder Plugins to choose from and that’s why we tried to be as general with this template solution as possible. So grab your Plugin of choice and have at it! Dynamik will be ready when you are. 🙂

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