The Cobalt Apps Focus For 2015

cobalt-apps-focusIt’s pretty crazy to look back and realize that I’ve been in the WordPress Theme and Plugin business for almost six years now! That’s a lot of lines of PHP, let me tell you. And each new year that presents itself I find myself ever more grateful to be a part of such a positive and driven group of people, from the WP devs to the bloggers to the all-of-the-abovers. 2015 is no different and as my focus refines I just want to share my projected path for the coming 12 months.

A New Plugin On Its Way

First, I plan on finishing our latest Genesis Plugin which will nicely complement our Genesis Extender Plugin, filling in the gap of no-coding design that Extender leaves open. This Plugin should be in beta form soon and available to all members in the very near future.

Dynamik Skins

Then we plan on finishing up a few Dynamik Skins that have been on the back burner and just need some polishing. We’ll release them for free to all Dynamik Website Builder members.

Dynamik Website Builder & Genesis Extender

Then we’ll be putting our attention on our two flagship products as we continue to maintain, refine and further enhance their codebase. We know our members rely heavily on these two web design tools, as do we, and will continue to focus our efforts on making them as solid and useful as they can be.

Docs, Screencasts & Tutorials

Finally, we plan on working hard to refine and add to the already fairly robust set of videos, posts, and knowledge base articles to help our community get the most out of their much appreciated investments. And for the many who asked, yes, I plan on more “Thoughts From The Developer” style screencasts to try to dig even more insights from the depths of my overcrowded cranium.

So hopefully the above information will give you some helpful insight into our focused efforts moving forward. I’m sure there will be some deviations from this map, but our goal is to cover these main points and fill in any remaining gaps with whatever else presents itself along the way.

All The Best To Our Members In 2015

As always, we here at Cobalt Apps appreciate the heck out of our members and do our best to provide them with the tools needed to build their online presence and reach their own goals in business and in life. Thanks for being awesome, for yet another year, and we look forward to an amazing 2015!

Have a great one!

Eric Hamm

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