12 Days Of Coding End Of The Year Sale!

To finish off these 12 Days Of Coding, as well as 2019, we are offering one of the biggest discounts in our 10 years in business! For the next 48 hours you can save 50% (yes, that’s 50%) off all CobaltApps.com purchases, renewals, and upgrades!! Just use the coupon code COBALTAPPS50 at checkout.

And just a side note about these 12 Days Of Coding: Cobalt Apps has always provided flexible and powerful DEV tools for BOTH coders and non-coders alike. So if you’re more in the non-coder camp then be sure to check out Dynamik Website Builder, Genesis DevKit or Freelancer DevKit, as well as our Extender Pro Plugin. For those coders out there you should definitely consider adding both Themer Pro and Instant IDE to your WP toolbox, with Extender Pro also being a Plugin to consider. And don’t forget the various bundles we offer, from the non-coder standpoint, to the coders, to those working specifically with Genesis.

And for all our members and visitors out there, we hope you have a blessed and productive 2020!

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