12 Reasons Why Instant IDE Makes WordPress Development Awesome!

In this 12 Days Of Coding post I’ll be focusing all of my attention on Instant IDE, our ultimate coding/DEV tool for the serious WordPress users and freelancers. Specifically, I’ll be focusing in on my 12 favorite features found in Instant IDE and explain how these notable tools combine to make Instant IDE the ultimate browser-based WordPress Development Environment.

  1. It integrates with WordPress seamlessly. Instant IDE is its own web application, completely independent of WordPress. But with the included Instant IDE Manage WordPress Plugin it allows you to easily install, update, and uninstall Instant IDE, all through your WordPress Dashboard.
  2. It runs outside of WordPress. This means that if you accidentally break your WordPress site with a coding slip-up you won’t break Instant IDE in the process.
  3. It provides a full-blown cloud-based IDE solution. This means that it is completely independent of your local computer, which means that you can access and use it from any device with a browser.
  4. It offers two powerful browser-based code editors, Ace and Monaco, to give you the editing experience best suited for your particular needs. These editors are very similar in many ways, but very different as well. You may prefer one over the other, or like to switch between the two depending on the project at hand.
  5. It offers an editor Split Screen mode so you can work with multiple files, side-by-side. This is great for comparing code and working on multiple files at the same time. And dragging files between the windows using the file tabs feature is a snap!
  6. It provides file tabs, which allows you to open and manage as many files as you like. This really provides the end-user with a full blown, professional IDE experience. Managing open files couldn’t be easier!
  7. It gives you full access to your WordPress file system, providing powerful and intuitive drag-n-drop control over every file and folder in your WP installs. From full file and folder management, to uploading and downloading files, to checking permissions, installing fresh copies of WordPress, and much more, there’s little this feature does not do.
  8. It includes a powerful “Find In Folder” feature that will quickly become your go-to solution for “Find And Replace”, or locating that code snippet that is buried in website files. This is one “module” that I’m most proud of. And I use it ALL THE TIME!
  9. It provides a server console right there in your web browser. This feature is limited in some ways (for security purposes, more than anything), but it’s great for basic terminal functionality, like cloning from and committing to GitHub.
  10. It includes a Site Preview feature that allows you to preview the effects of your code changes to the front-end of your website, right there inside Instant IDE. And since the Site Preview it automatically updated with each save of your files, it’s great for a kind of “real time” preview of your current web project.
  11. It automatically compiles your SASS/SCSS code for you. No need for extra scripts or server configurations. Instant IDE updates your SASS/SCSS code for you with each save.
  12. It includes a Save State feature that makes it so you can close your browser and then come back to that instance of Instant IDE, on the same browser, and different browser, or even a different device, and Instant IDE will be in the same state that you left it.

There are actually way more notable Instant IDE features to showcase here, but these are just some of the ones that stand out for me.

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