12 Reasons Why Themer Pro Makes Child Theme Development Awesome!

To continue our 12 Days Of Coding posts I want to get a little more specific about some of our powerful WordPress Development Tools. In this particular case I want to showcase our Themer Pro Plugin and share some of the many powerful features it offers both WordPress power users and full blown freelancers alike. And this is not an exhaustive list, but just some of my favorite goodies found in Themer Pro.

  1. It can spit out a custom Child Theme in seconds. Just fill in the appropriate information and then Themer Pro will do the rest. It not only creates a custom version of the files and folders, but it finds and replaces all relevant code as well.
  2. It has the ability to compile SASS/SCSS code. Both Genesis and Freelancer Child Themes can be created in SASS/SCSS form, pre-configured to work with Themer Pro’s built-in SCSS compiler.
  3. It gives you full access to your Child Theme files and folders, right there in your WordPress Dashboard. This means that there is no need for FTP or cPanel access to your theme files.
  4. It provides you with a powerful code editor (Ace, to be exact) to help get the job done right. So not only does Themer Pro provide access to your files, but it gives you all the tools needed for pro-grade code editing.
  5. It not only allows you to edit your Child Theme’s files, but to add, remove, and rename them as well. This gives you the power and flexibility to fully manipulate your Child Theme structure, all through your WP Dashboard.
  6. It provides you with a simple, but solid Image Manager for your Child Theme’s /images/ directory. This means that uploading, renaming, and deleting Child Theme images is a snap!
  7. It offers a unique set of Front-End DEV Tools that make front-end design super intuitive! From the style editor, to the CSS and HTML Sandbox tools, this feature will quickly become a Themer Pro favorite.
  8. It offers a Front-End Hooks Map feature that helps highlight the name and location of action hooks in the currently active theme. This means that for framework themes like Genesis, GeneratePress, etc… you’ll find an intuitive visual representation of the dozens of action hooks available, with the name and location of each hook shown on the front-end of your site.
  9. It allows you to completely and easily clone a Child Theme in seconds. This means that any Child Theme from any supported theme (see number 12 below) can be cloned into a unique custom Child Theme. This is great for creating different versions of the same design, or just renaming a Child Theme to whatever details you need for that DEV project.
  10. It allows you to zip and download the entire active theme, making it ready for backup or transfer to a new WP website.
  11. It creates and customizes in such a way that results in completely independent Child Themes. This means that at no time is your Child Theme dependent on Themer Pro to function.
  12. It supports 10 popular and powerful WordPress Theme Frameworks.

Join us tomorrow as I share my 12 Reasons Why Instant IDE Makes WordPress Development Awesome!

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