The Twelve Days Of Coding

As we come upon this time of year where celebration precedes a new year and a fresh start, I think it’s fitting that we come together as WordPress power users, freelance developers, and Internet marketers, and take our coding game to a whole new level. Let’s start the new year off right by gaining a new found confidence in our ability to customize websites through our favorite code editor. Let us step out of our Page Builder comfort zones as we expand our ability to mold a template using CSS, HTML, Javasctipt, and PHP. As coined by the WordPress footer, “Code Is Poetry”. I agree. So let’s work on our Prose, shall we…

Here’s How The Twelve Days Of Coding Will Work

Each day for the next twelve days I will be posting a simple coding tutorial. Nothing specific, but just various tips and tricks of WordPress coding and customization. I will post these here on the blog, with the final post being the announcement of a special Cobalt Apps sale! This sale will include our code-focused DEV tools that help enhance your ability to take full control over your WordPress DEV projects. This sale will last for one day only (Saturday December 28th) and is aimed at helping our fellow WordPress freelancers and marketers start their 2020 off right, coding like a pro and DEVing like a BOSS! 🙂

12 Days Of Coding Table Of Contents

  1. 12 Days Of Christmas Announcement
  2. Customizing Block Editor Styles Using Custom Classes And CSS
  3. How To Edit The Number Of Genesis Sample Footer Widgets And Style Them With CSS
  4. Add Custom Content To Your WordPress Pages Using Action Hooks And Extender Pro
  5. How To Add Custom Body Classes Using The Twenty Twenty Theme, Themer Pro And A Little PHP Code
  6. How To Customize WP Blocks Using Themer Pro And Custom CSS
  7. How To Create And Customize A SASS/SCSS Version Of The Genesis Sample Theme Using Themer Pro And Instant IDE
  8. Using Instant IDE To Create And Explore The Files And Folders Of The WordPress Platform
  9. How To Manipulate The Styles Of Your WordPress Website Using Themer Pro And Your Browser Inspector
  10. 12 Reasons Why Themer Pro Makes Child Theme Development Awesome!
  11. 12 Reasons Why Instant IDE Makes WordPress Development Awesome!
  12. 12 Days Of Christmas Sale! (Sunday December 29th)

I hope you enjoy the coming days of tutorials. There are amazing drag-n-drop tools out there that can make our work easier and more efficient, but a solid understanding of the code that lives below the surface of our website creations is still a critical piece to the puzzle.

Tomorrow we will be talking about the WordPress Block Editor, custom classes, and using CSS to style the blocks to your specific needs. Until then…

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