New Servers And An Old Forum

OK, so the past few weeks have been less than enjoyable with regard to finding a new server for to call home. I may get into more detail at some point in the future as I’ve certainly learned a lot in the process, but after a few miss-fires I believe I’ve settled in with a combo of a Bluehost dedicated server for this site, and SiteGround shares hosting for my others. Included in that latter group is the vBulletin forum which I recently locked down to move our members over to a bbPress forum setup. Well, that posed a few unforeseen problems, among other things, and proved to be less ideal than I had hoped. Also, I’ve since moved the old forum to its own dedicated domain which resolved several issues I was having when it was in a subfolder of this domain.

With all that being said I just wanted to first apologize for moving back and forth with the forums, as well as some of the down time we’ve had on my sites due to the server issues. Most of these issues could not have been foreseen, but I like to be as “steady eddy” as possible for our members and simply could not deliver these last few weeks. But as I said, I believe we’re on the tail end of these few hiccups.

So with the changes mentioned, as well as quite a few members sharing their preference of the old forum setup, I’ve decided to remove our bbPress forum and re-open the vBulletin forum. And if you’ve never used our old forum you can do so by simply registering an account.

So thanks again for your patience and I hope that in the end the vBulletin forum remains a member favorite for Cobalt Apps community interaction.

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  1. Hi Eric,

    I’m a member since Catalyst days… but for some reason my profile shows 2014. 😉
    But, how can I post messages again? I don’t seem to have permissions.
    Also, make the “Login” link more visible.


    1. Hey Dan,

      I just checked your forum account and it all seems good to go, with posting permissions. Are you not seeing the “+New Topic” button at the top-left when you’re inside a sub-forum?

  2. Hi Eric,
    I have been burned several times over the years by hosting companies. I have learned to avoid EIG hosting if at all possible. The problem is that they have 50+ hosting companies that nothing says that they belong to EIG. I had a WHM Reseller account with Site5 and was very happy with their service & uptime for over 2yrs, but when they sold out to EIG all hell broke lose and I had to scramble to move everything to where I have a Turbo Reseller Account. I have had an account with A2Hosting for over a year and like them so far.
    This is one of the sites that tries to keep up with what EIG keeps buying. They will then move accounts to their server farms in Provo, Utah, and that is when you can expect trouble.
    A few yrs ago after a lot of research, I found these people. They had been burned multiple times and then started putting together this info. I have a paid account with them. Recently I sent a request to remove Site5 from their recommended list and I see that hasn’t happened yet.
    Here is the beginning of multiple posts that explain the problems with EIG.
    I recently found this monitoring service that I really like. You pay only for the services you want. I have a blank index.php file somewhere on my reseller hosting account that I have checked every minute from 5 different locations in the USA. If too many connections fail in a row (my choice), it will send me an email notification. It also lets me know the response time. As we all know, the server can be up & running just fine, yet an internet connection can be failing somewhere along the line. I am also using another option that checks periodically to see how long it takes to fully load a page. This has been very handy to help with performance improvements. This feature provides a lot of detailed info.

    Now that I have moved everything over to A2Hosting, I need to research additional hosting platforms. I like to have accounts on at least 2 hosts just in case I have a need to move again in the future. It takes time to figure out how reliable a given hosting company really is. How well do they handle DDoS and how good is their Support when needed, etc.

    Well, I see I have rambled on for quite a bit. Hope there is something useful here for someone.
    — Thanks, Roger

    1. Thanks for sharing Roger. Very useful information! 🙂

      I’ve actually moved hosts again, this time something a bit more unconventional, but I really like it so far. It’s a bit more hands on, but much faster and much cheaper. And I actually like the extra control. I’ll probably share more details in the near future in a blog post, but for now I’ll just leave it at that.

  3. Hi Eric,
    I can’t login to the new/old forum. My CobaltApps Login was/is always “la-geek”, in the old VB Forum it was “La Geek”. The forum login does not accept both. And it tells me, my email address would not exist? If I want to register to forum, it tells me “La Geek” is existing.
    Would you please help me? Thank you!

  4. Hi Eric, sorry for the delay. I was too busy and did not think about this here.
    Would you please take the email address you will find in my CobaltApps Account? Thank you!

    Yeah I changed all datas here, since you wrote, this board would be dead. So, no need anymore for my datas – I thought :D. Who could know, that we will return back?

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