Extending The Beaver Builder Theme

Beaver Builder ThemeI was first introduced to the Beaver Builder line of WordPress solutions through their Page Builder Plugin which works great with most any popular WP theme on the market. Those using our Genesis Child Theme (Dynamik Website Builder) started adding it to their web design toolbox and found it to be an excellent addition. So I started using it myself on some of my own Genesis/Dynamik projects and found it to be intuitive and highly flexible.

Fast forward a year or so and talk of their theme became more and more prevalent. It seemed that when Genesis was not in use the Beaver Builder Theme was our member’s go-to framework. This past summer I received several requests over social media to consider developing a version of our Genesis Extender Plugin for the Beaver Builder Theme. The idea sounded at least worth looking into and after skimming through the BB Theme’s code I was pleased to note that it was, in fact, a real-deal WP framework, with loads of action hooks and all the goodies necessary for our Extender Plugin to shine. So I went straight to work.

Within a few weeks I had a solid beta version ready for testing and 1.0 shortly after that. I was very pleased with the way it all turned out and am super excited to share it with you guys right now! For those wanting to dive right into this world of “Extended” Beaver Builder Theme Framework goodness you’ll be happy to know that we are making it available for 25% off when purchased using the BBEARLYBIRD discount code. This will be available for the next two weeks and then will be no more. And if you know anything about Cobalt Apps you know that we rarely run sales so be sure to take advantage of it while you still can!

What Is Beaver Extender Anyway?

If you’re familiar with our Genesis Extender Plugin then you already know what Beaver Extender is. It’s essentially Genesis Extender, but for the Beaver Builder Theme instead of the Genesis Framework. But if you are not familiar with Genesis Extender then let me try to sum it up in a short paragraph…

Beaver Extender is a Plugin that works exclusively with the Beaver Builder Theme Framework, designed to fill in the “gaps” that the BB Theme purposefully leaves open. What I mean by this is that the BB Theme is designed to provide a solid foundation for your WP Theme needs, including front-end no-coding design options and some useful general settings to help shape the overall functionality of your WordPress website. (And of course it’s included with the Beaver Builder Page Builder Plugin to build your individual pages to your specific needs.) But what Beaver Extender does is provide an intuitive fine-tuning front-end CSS solution, custom function and javascript features, and a powerful set of options that allows for almost limitless custom content and structuring capability. The latter part of that explanation is a bit hard to showcase without a screencast, so shall we?.. 🙂

Beaver Builder Features Example:

Extending Beaver Builder Design:

Working With BB Page Builder Templates:

So I’m excited to be able to add this Plugin to our lineup of WordPress products and hope you find it as useful and we do.

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