Black Friday Sale!

This Black Friday we will be offering all our products, including license upgrades and renewals, at a discount of 35% when the coupon code BLACKFRIDAY is used! This deal will be available between Friday November 25th and Monday November 28th. So if you’ve been considering purchasing one of our WordPress Themes or Plugins or need to upgrade or renew your license, now is the time to make that purchase!

For those celebrating, Happy Thanksgiving! And for those not, have a great weekend!


Eric Hamm

5 comments on “ Black Friday Sale!”

    1. No Need to respond. I figured it out. In case anyone is wondering how to do it, you just go to purchase a new license and in the process, there is a button that says renew your license. You will need your previous license key which you can get by logging into your account. It’s a great deal. Don’t miss it!

    1. Your site won’t go down if your license expires, you just won’t receive updates or support until you renew. Regarding your primary question, you should receive an email a month or two before your license expires providing you with a link to renew, giving you 50% off the purchase price for the renewal itself.

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