Better Communication Begins Today

In the wake of the news about Headway Themes I felt it was critical that I get out ahead of this potential for customer concern and be clear about some important points regarding Cobalt Apps and the products we provide.

First, let me start by apologizing for the lack of consistent communication with our members. There’s no real reason for this other than the fact that I’ve been extra busy on the home front and I’m just not naturally one to chat without a specific reason (i.e.. big news, critical updates, etc…). I’m an introvert and have to make an effort to share my thoughts and opinions with more than my closest confidants, but I’m coming to realize that this simply is not adequate when running a business with a large number of customers expecting to stay in the know. And after reading the latest news about Headway I’ve come to realize that though Cobalt Apps does not share much with that scenario, one thing that I know sounded similar was the lack of clear and consistent communication between the owner and the customer. So that’s going to change right now.

The other critical point that needs to get out there with as much clarity as possible is the fact that even though some have seen my semi-silence as a reason for concern for the longevity of Cobalt Apps products, there’s no need to worry, we’re not going anywhere, and both Dynamik and Extender will be updated and supported for years to come. Let me repeat that for those who need the extra boost of confidence: Cobalt Apps is trucking along as it always has, I’m as dedicated to my products and customers as I’ve ever been, and both Dynamik and Extender, which thousands of our members utilize in their online ventures, are in no danger, can be relied on as they always have been, and will be under my support and attention for years to come.

Now, does this mean that I have big plans for major Dynamik and Extender feature updates in the near future? No, that’s not on the road map at this time (I know that Dynamik is at version 1.9.9, but that’s not because “Dynamik 2.0” is immanent…sorry to disappoint). I’ve been continuing to push out compatibility, refinement, and bug fix updates as always to help ensure the kind of product reliability our members have come to expect, but new features are simply not on my current to-do list.

I understand that many would prefer a future feature road map so they can know what’s coming around the corner, but I’ve always found that hard to accomplish effectively. Pretty much every feature found in our products came organically and without a timeline pushing it along. That’s how my brain works and my motivation drives me. I know it’s not ideal for some, but it’s who I am as a programmer and entrepreneur and it’s served me well for over seven years in this WP marketplace.

But again, let me be clear that I’m not saying that Dynamik and Extender are forever stuck in compatibility update limbo, just that they are more on autopilot right now while I work on other Cobalt Apps projects.

Speaking of other projects, there are two in the pipeline that are essentially spin-offs from Dynamik and Extender. I don’t want to get too specific at the moment because until a product is past the Alpha stage I’m not 100% sure it’s even viable. I’d rather finish the mock-ups and start really playing with them before I let other member join the fun. 🙂 And to be clear they are not groundbreaking or cutting edge, simply my attempt to address the needs that others have brought to my attention. They’ll be sold on this website and be included in the same affiliate, support, and update system, so my attention will remain fully only regardless.

A Little Insight Into My Personal Life

I don’t usually talk too much about my personal life as it’s generally irrelevant in this context, but I think it’s important as I’ve been unusually silent as of the past few months and I’d like to explain why. My wife and I recently had our fourth boy, back in June. Shortly after that we moved to a new city, and now we are having to move a second time in two months because of issues with the first home. So with an infant, a family of six, moving to a new city, and then having to move again, all within one summer, I’ve had my hands full to say the least. 🙂 That’s all just to say that I haven’t been sitting behind my keyboard twiddling my thumbs.

Things are settling down now and I’m getting back into the swing of things so momentum will restore soon. But let me make one more point that needs to be heard. I have NEVER…EVER let my personal life get in the way of taking care of my customers, supporting my products, and running my company! I’ve got a track record of over seven years in this premium WordPress marketplace and have not once neglected my responsibilities. So I may have down time and catch-up time, but we’re talking about situations of making progress, not maintaining my responsibilities. The former I try to pursue as much as possible, but the latter I’ve always made one of my top priorities, period!

Becoming More Vocal

Moving forward I am committing to you, Cobalt Apps members, to be more vocal, communicative, and open about what I’m working on and whatever information might help keep your concerns at bay as you continue to rely on our products to accomplish your online goals. I know it can be a bit scary when we really don’t know what small company will stick around and which ones will fall away or move onto something new, so my hope is that I can be one of those premium WP providers that encourages a sense of confidence and consistency.

So I can’t promise that I will do this perfectly or that I won’t be more quiet at times, but I’ll make a concerted effort to keep you in the loop. And at this point the loop doesn’t have super exciting news, but more of a somber statement of dependability. But as new projects make their way off the drawing board and inside the walls of Cobalt, and as notable features form into upcoming updates, I’ll be sure to update our members promptly and with clarity.

I can’t speak highly enough of our members and the degree at which I appreciate their support and trust. So if you are someone who has invested in my work and the products of my company I just want to say thank you. And to use more than words I will continue with my efforts to provide the products, support, and resources that help you achieve the goals you set out to accomplish online.


Eric Hamm

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