EZ Static Homepage In Just A Few Mouse Clicks

There are many ways to create a “CMS Style” static homepage in WordPress, especially with Genesis Child Themes. Often times providing their own home.php file, these Child Themes offer the ability to just list your latest blog posts on your homepage or display Widget content in an organized fashion.

However there are many times when you’d like to either tweak the current static homepage functionality or completely customize your own. In such cases the Genesis Extender Plugin offers a powerful, yet super easy solution!

To create your own, completely custom static homepage you can follow this Custom Homepage Tutorial. However, for those who like super simple solutions that talke literally a few mouse clicks to accomplish then read on for the EZ solution.

Creating An EZ Static Homepage

It couldn’t be simpler. Just go to the Genesis section of your WordPress Dashboard and then click into the Extender Settings menu. From there go to “General Settings” where you will see a “Static Homepage” section.

genesis-extender-static-home-optionsCheck the box next to “Activate the Genesis Extender Static Homepage”. This will drop-down a set of options, including the “EZ Home Widget Area Structure” drop-down menu. Click that menu and select your desired Static Homepage Structure (the naming convention for each structure corresponds to the number of columns and rows offered by each selection).

Once you’ve selected your desired Static Homepage Structure click the “Save Changes” button at the top-right of the page and then refresh your homepage. You should now see some filler content for each the EZ Home Widget Areas displaying. To fill these in with your own content just go to Appearance > Widgets in your WordPress Dashboard and then drag Widgets into the “EZ Home…” Widget Areas.

And that’s it!

For further details regarding the other Genesis Extender Static Homepage options be sure to click on their corresponding [?]Tooltips.

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