Create a Custom Secondary Page

Another post covered creating your custom home page, so this post will work through creating a custom secondary page, specifically a staff page.

Staff Page

The goal is to create this page without writing custom code, so anyone can set it up for their website regardless of skill level.  So we are going to use the Genesis User Widget to add the User Profiles in two columns on the Staff page.

  1. Add New Page, Name it Staff, and Save
  2. Go to Genesis –> Extender Custom –> and Create Custom Conditional for the Staff Page
  3. Create 2 Widget Areas for staff page
  4. Assign each of the Widget Areas the following classes: one-half and the left one, also assign the class of first.
  5. Make the Widget Areas shortcodes
  6. Add the shortcodes to a Custom Hook Box
  7. Attach the custom hook box to the Custom Conditional for the Staff Page.


Click Here, to download the zipped dat file for importing into the Genesis Extender. (Be sure to unzip the file first)

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