Extending the Genesis Child Theme: Going Green

going-green-pro-screenToday, the Going Green Genesis Child Theme was updated to version 3.0. Its a beautiful update packed with 4 color options (Default, Forest, Mint, and Olive) and support for the Genesis 2.0 goodies.

Getting the stock setup online, took no time at all, thanks to the simple setup steps (Login Required) StudioPress provides.

I dare say, green bloggers are going to make a bunch of folks green with envy by using this beautiful Genesis Child Theme to showcase their content.

What about non-bloggers, who need more of a CMS styled home page for their website? I have a Forest Management client that this theme would be perfect for, other than the blog page being his home page.

Good thing I have the Genesis Extender Plugin. Read more “Extending the Genesis Child Theme: Going Green”

Create A Custom Home Slider In Minutes With Genesis Extender

This tutorial walks through the simple process of creating a Custom Home Slider for your Genesis Child Theme using the Genesis Extender Plugin. All that’s required is the Genesis Framework, your favorite Genesis Child Theme, the Genesis Extender Plugin and your favorite WordPress Slider Plugin (we used Nivo Slider, but any solid Slider Plugin will do the trick).

Note: I just realized that in this screencast I typed -website-box-shadow instead of -webkit-box-shadow. I just wanted to make it clear that I’m aware it’s not -website-box-shadow. 🙂 Read more “Create A Custom Home Slider In Minutes With Genesis Extender”

EZ Static Homepage In Just A Few Mouse Clicks

There are many ways to create a “CMS Style” static homepage in WordPress, especially with Genesis Child Themes. Often times providing their own home.php file, these Child Themes offer the ability to just list your latest blog posts on your homepage or display Widget content in an organized fashion.

However there are many times when you’d like to either tweak the current static homepage functionality or completely customize your own. In such cases the Genesis Extender Plugin offers a powerful, yet super easy solution! Read more “EZ Static Homepage In Just A Few Mouse Clicks”

Create a Custom Secondary Page

Another post covered creating your custom home page, so this post will work through creating a custom secondary page, specifically a staff page.

Staff Page

The goal is to create this page without writing custom code, so anyone can set it up for their website regardless of skill level.  So we are going to use the Genesis User Widget to add the User Profiles in two columns on the Staff page. Read more “Create a Custom Secondary Page”

Genesis Extender Front-End CSS Builder

left-sidebarSome tips for getting the most out of the Front-End CSS Builder

The Front-End CSS Builder is comprised of the following parts:

  1. Horizontal Navigation bar across the top
  2. Left Hand Side Bar
  3. Staging Area for Custom CSS (Middle of left sidebar)
  4. Custom CSS (Bottom of left sidebar)

The Horizontal Navigation is comprised of links for the elements you may want to style and some common CSS additions, such as border’s, shadows, backgrounds, etc Read more “Genesis Extender Front-End CSS Builder”

Add an Affiliate Box to Your Website

In this post, we’ll add an affiliate Box using the Extender Plugin for Genesis. Scroll to the bottom of this post, or any post on this website, to see the affiliate box in action.

If you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for the Genesis Extender Affiliate Program, so when you add this affiliate box to your website(s), you can make 40% ($17.60) when visitors click your affiliate link and then decides to buy the Extender Plugin for Genesis.

Once you are affiliated, it’s time to build the affiliate box, then put it where we want it to show up, and, finally, style the affiliate box to suit our taste and whichever Genesis Child Theme you are using. Read more “Add an Affiliate Box to Your Website”