Repositioning Your Navigation Bars in Dynamik

Dynamik child theme for Genesis was created to help eliminate the time and coding necessary to accomplish advanced design functions on your website.

This is especially obvious when it comes to changing the location of your navigation bars.

The Other Way

Genesis Child Themes require 3 steps to pull this off:

  1. Access your “functions.php” file via ftp or WordPress editor
  2. Locate the appropriate line of code that is repositioning your navigation
  3. Change the line of code to place the navigation where you desire

Once those steps are completed, you save your functions.php file and refresh your browser to see the changes take effect.

Here’s the drawback to that approach.

If you’re not familiar with PHP coding, you will not feel comfortable sorting through the functions file to find the appropriate line of code.

Furthermore, you probably won’t understand what your looking at anyway.

Even worse, one mistake made in your functions file and your entire site breaks. You will be visited by the notorious White Screen of Death.

Either way, it is too much of a risk for the beginner or non-coder to take this approach.

Dynamik to the rescue!

Dynamik requires one step (yes I said one) to achieve the same results.

  1. Go to your Dynamik Design options and select the location you want your navigation to display

Once you hit the “Save Changes” button your done.

Dynamik Options for Navigation Bar Positioning

There is no ftp access and no coding required to make this happen.

Yet another reason Dynamik makes getting a well designed and functional website up with less pain and hassle.

In addition, you can also style your navigation bar from the same screen used to reposition the navigation.

Utilize Dynamik’s built in color picker to choose the colors that best fit your design. Easily add background images and hover effects with a few clicks of your mouse.

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