An Introduction Into The Use Of WordPress Action Hooks

In this screencast I walk through some basic use-cases of adding custom content to various locations of your site through the use of WordPress Action Hooks. I show both Extender Plugin Custom Hook Box scenarios as well as use my Child Themer Plugin to show you how the actual PHP code looks and how you can write your own Custom Functions and add_action them into your frameworks action hooks. Read more “An Introduction Into The Use Of WordPress Action Hooks”

Dynamik And Extender Updates: Template Post Types And More

We just pushed out updates for both Dynamik Website Builder and our Extender Plugins and I wanted to take a few minutes to go over the notable points.

Template Post Types

First let’s talk about a new feature found in all three tools in keeping up with some of the latest offerings found in WordPress version 4.7+. In 4.7 we were given the ability to make Page Templates available to all post types, not just WordPress pages. This means you can not only make them available in regular blog posts, but any post type you like. And this is easy enough to add in since you simply include a single line near the top of your template file, but since Dynamik and the Extender Plugins control the templates through their UI this needed to be added through a new option. So this is what we did. Read more “Dynamik And Extender Updates: Template Post Types And More”

How To Implement A Fixed Header In Your Dynamik Website Builder Designs

These days Fixed Headers and Fixed Navigation are quite popular and can certainly be useful. Recently I’ve read several discussions from Cobalt Apps members asking about the best ways to implement such design attributes into their Dynamik designs. One such discussion resulted in a request for some Dynamik Skin starting points where I provide a stock Dynamik design, with the only customizations being that of the “fixed design” code snippets. So that’s what I’ve done here, with a screencast to explain how it all works. Read more “How To Implement A Fixed Header In Your Dynamik Website Builder Designs”

Freedom Seekers: A New Kind of Web Developer

freedom-seekersOver the past half a decade or so we’ve seen an increasingly large numbers of non-developers take on that role in the name of gaining their freedom from jobs they feel “stuck” in. It began with blogging and marketing and even writing ebooks, with WordPress as the foundation for these endeavors. Yet for many, myself included, making a solid, family supporting living online required a more concrete, mainstream (or whatever you want to call it) skill-set. Not necessarily to replace our initial endeavors, but to add a necessary foundation for calling ourselves “professionals” on the web. Read more “Freedom Seekers: A New Kind of Web Developer”

Is Dynamik Website Builder The Right Theme For You?

dynamik-right-for-youYou’d like to think that a particular WordPress theme could be ideal for all users, but that’s simply not a practical reality. Every theme has some kind of user in mind, even if one is more tailored toward a select few while another encompasses the features sought by many. Dynamik is not unique in this regard and in this post I hope to paint an accurate picture of what kind of Genesis Child Theme Dynamik is and what kind of users will get the most out of it. I also hope to provide a clear understanding of who should NOT use Dynamik as their go-to WordPress Theme, as this is important information for those pondering this purchase. Read more “Is Dynamik Website Builder The Right Theme For You?”

Dynamik Website Builder: The History Behind The Theme

dwb-historyWhen I first started my WordPress development business it was on the tail end of a WP web design venture that helped transition me from a local computer service biz to the much more free and flexible qualities found online. I liked the potential prospects of my first attempt establishing myself on the web, but it still wasn’t quite the fit I was looking for. My favorite part of stage-one was developing my own WP Theme for use on my client sites, and after others showed interest, the next step was crystal clear. Read more “Dynamik Website Builder: The History Behind The Theme”

Custom Coding Your Dynamik Skin

custom-coding-skin-buttons-featured-imageSeveral months back we added an intuitive solution to custom coding individual Dynamik Skins and in this tutorial I want showcase this feature and explain how it works and what makes it unique from the other custom coding Dynamik options.

First, let me note the fact that by default you will not see the custom coding buttons in your Dynamik Design > Skins section as they are not present in the “Default Skin”. Read more “Custom Coding Your Dynamik Skin”

An Updated Comparison Between Dynamik Website Builder And The Genesis Extender Plugin

dynamik-vs-extenderEver so often I like to push out an updated comparison of our Genesis Framework focused WordPress products. After various updates and refinements are implemented and as WordPress itself evolves it’s good to keep this comparison fresh for the greatest benefit to members and potential members alike. Read more “An Updated Comparison Between Dynamik Website Builder And The Genesis Extender Plugin”