An Updated Comparison Between Dynamik Website Builder And The Genesis Extender Plugin

dynamik-vs-extenderEver so often I like to push out an updated comparison of our Genesis Framework focused WordPress products. After various updates and refinements are implemented and as WordPress itself evolves it’s good to keep this comparison fresh for the greatest benefit to members and potential members alike.

We currently offer two premium WordPress products that are exclusively developed for the Genesis Framework. These include Dynamik Website Builder which is a Genesis Child Theme, and Genesis Extender which is a Genesis Plugin.

Dynamik Website Builder

dynamik-bannerStarting with our flagship and by far most popular product, Dynamik Website Builder is a powerful WordPress website building tool that is powered by Genesis. It includes hundreds of no-coding design options in addition to intuitive ways to hard code as well. It offers custom coding, content and Widget Area options and a number of Import/Export solutions making it not only powerful, but portable as well. And with the Genesis Child Theme Export feature you can even spit out your own fully independent, hard-coded Genesis Child Themes in a split second. And let’s not forget Dynamik Skins, a unique-to-Dynamik feature that offers our members the best of both worlds when it comes to pre-customized designs with no-coding control!

Genesis Extender Plugin

genesis-extender-bannerGenesis Extender is pretty much a specific set of Dynamik features that have been pulled out and placed in Plugin form, making it fully compatible with all Genesis Child Themes, other than Dynamik, of course. So this includes the many Custom Coding and Widget Options as well as a few Design Options like the Front-end CSS Builder, but this does NOT include the many no-coding design options found in Dynamik. So we find that those who prefer working with the pre-customized Genesis Child Themes like to use Genesis Extender to quickly and easily custom code, refine and tweak their designs. But for those wanting a more “full control” experience then Dynamik is almost always the way to go!

Points To Ponder

  • Dynamik is a Genesis Child Theme so it will NOT work with other Genesis Child Themes.
  • Genesis Extender is a Genesis Plugin so it WILL work with other Genesis Child Themes, just not Dynamik since Dynamik includes all that Extender has to offer and much more.
  • Dynamik has an entire Design Options admin section that is not found in Genesis Extender which includes hundreds of no-coding design options, in-depth Responsive Design Options, full content and sidebar width controls, a Dynamik Skin feature that provides the best of both pre-customized designs with no-coding control and much more.
  • Both Dynamik and Extender come with the ability to create widgetized static homepages, add Google fonts, easily implement your own custom CSS, Functions, and Javascript code, create custom templates, Widget Areas and Content Areas (called “Hook Boxes”) and much more!
  • If you’re a non-coder than Dynamik would definitely be the better choice between the two, but that doesn’t mean Dynamik is only for non-coders. Many WordPress Web Developers and Designers, myself included, use Dynamik for many of their WordPress web design projects as it’s combination of no-coding design efficiency and robust hard-coding controls provide an excellent one-two punch for getting the job done!

To see a more detailed walk-through of these two WordPress product be sure to check out the screencast below:

Please note that both products hard code the majority of their custom functionality including stylesheets, functions, javascript, widget areas, templates, the static homepage, etc… for greatest possible efficiency on the front-end of your site.

For further reference to various Dynamik and Extender feature be sure to check out their knowledge base sites below:

Dynamik Website Builder Knowledge Base

Genesis Extender Knowledge Base

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