Introducing The Dynamik Website Builder For The Genesis Framework

We’ve been developing WordPress Themes for over 3 years now and this is the third major contribution we’ve made to the WordPress community. The first was a Framework named Frugal, then we phased that out to introduce Catalyst, our premier Framework, and now we’ve developed the Dynamik Website Builder for the Genesis Framework.

Packed with Catalyst DNA, Dynamik for Genesis utilizes many of the powerful web design tools we’ve developed for Catalyst and its own version of Dynamik. From the hundreds of no-coding design options, to intuitive page structuring controls that allow you to create an unlimited number of Custom Widget and Content Areas to the fun and super useful Front-end CSS Builder, the Dynamik Website Builder is…well…awesome! :)

One of the greatest things about Dynamik is its ability to Import and Export it’s settings in a way that makes Dynamik Skin design a breeze. What is a Dynamik Skin you might ask? It’s like a Custom Child Theme, but with many advantages. For example, since the customizations are mostly done by way of no-coding design options you can tweak it to your hearts content with little or no coding. No more being locked into a specific custom design!

This is where you can find Dynamik Website Builder Skins for Sale

The Premium Skins available in our Dynamik Marketplace (and there are many more on the way) offer you a diverse array of starting points for your next WordPress web design project. And if you just want to start from scratch that’s fine too. No Child Theme out there does the whole “Blank Canvas” thing better than Dynamik!

So we’re super excited to introduce this new WordPress Website Building Tool for the Genesis Framework! Packed with some serious value you won’t find more bang for your WordPress buck. 😉

To learn more…

Check out the Features Page.

Check out the Dynamik Admin Options.

Check out the Dynamik FAQs Page.

Check out the Dynamik Website Builder Skins for Sale.

Get your copy of Dynamik for Genesis Today!!


  1. says

    Hi Eric,
    Congratulations on The Dynamik Website Builder For The Genesis Framework. You and your team are so smart and always thinking outside the box!!. I’m a dedicated fan of the Catalyst Theme, as I love the power and variety it offers me as a website designer. I am really happy to hear you growing your business and launching the new Dynamik Website Builder for the Genesis Framework, what a great partnership of the top wordpress theme creators. Those of you who start to use this will be hooked on the power that it gives you in the creation of your websites. I have often wanted to try the Genesis Framework for some of my clients and now that it has the Dynamik Website Builder available, I think I will give it a go as well. Keep up the great & fantastic work and looking after your loyal members so well. I wish you even greater success, bye for now, Karen

  2. says

    Hi Guys
    Love Dynamic and I’ve just signed up to your affiliate programme.

    I’m a Genesis man, but I remember looking at Catalyst and being impressed… looks as though I can now combine Catalyst with Genesis and have the best of both worlds.

    Question… when you buy Dynamic it includes the Genesis framework, is that correct?

    Just started a post to promote your great new product.

    Nice one boys and… love the videos.

    • says

      Hey Keith,

      I think find the combination of Genesis and Dynamik to be a pretty sweet combo.

      To answer your question, no, we do no include Genesis with our product. If someone purchases the Dynamik Website Builder it is assumed that they either already own Genesis or are planning on purchasing it over at


  3. French says

    Hi Eric,
    Can you tell me if the Dynamik export built a independant Genesis Child Theme or we must also have Dynamik installed ?

  4. Deirdre Davenport says

    Can someone please tell me where are all the “FREE” skins are located? The store only has pay-for skins… Dynamik had tons of starters to choose from and I cannot locate them anywhere.

    Do the old ones I downloaded from previous work with the Genesis platform?

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