Saying Goodbye To The Cobalt Apps Community Forum For Good

I know, this makes what, like 3 Cobalt Apps forums that I’ve gone through in the past few years. It’s true. But in my defense I’ve not only run into forum software issues that have made it difficult to provide a reliable solution for online discussion, but more than that it’s been less and less useful with the continued growth of popular social media communities that seem to be the preferred place for this kind of interaction.

Years ago when WordPress communities thrived in traditional forum settings, we had one of our own that was very active and pretty much indispensable for our users. But since then more and more WP Theme and Plugin creators have moved away from forums and focused purely on email and documentation for their customers, as well as social media interactions. In my pursuit of finding the proper balance between core support and building an online community, I’ve finally decided that the forum must be laid to rest once and for all.

So from this point forward if you are in need of any Cobalt Apps product support, you can simply login to your “My Account” page and follow the email support instructions at the bottom of that page.

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