Instant IDE: Our Latest Product Is Ready For Beta Testing

For those of you who have not yet heard about this latest Cobalt Apps DEV tool I’m excited to share it with you today! It’s called Instant IDE and it’s our first platform-independent developer tool offered on! If you’re familiar with our current product line you can think of Instant IDE as Themer Pro, but WordPress-independent and massively refined. It turns any website into a full-blown professional development environment (IDE) in a an instant! And it’s now ready for BETA testing, so who would like to play with this thing and help me work out the bugs and get it ready for prime time?!

Clarifying The Inevitable Questions (in no particular order)…

Q: Will this be sold on and if so, will that mean it’s a part of Cobalt All Access?

A: Yes, and YES!!

Q: Are there any drawbacks from this tool not being a WordPress Plugin?

A: Currently there are no auto-updates (though manually updating will be super simple) and there’s no license to activate (not necessarily a drawback for the user), but either or both of these will likely change down the road.

Q: Are there any advantages from this tool not being a WordPress Plugin?

A: The two main advantages are: 1. Much more efficient (I know, because I tested a WordPress version of the same exact tool and it was not nearly as fast and efficient) and 2. independent of the WordPress database and file structure (this means you can “break” WordPress with some bad code, etc… and Instant IDE is not affected).

Q: When will this be available for sale to the general public?

A: It all depends on the beta testing process, but we’re shooting for the next few weeks!

Q: How secure is this tool?

A: I went to great lengths to more than adequately lock-down Instant IDE and will provide documentation to show how to further secure this tool if necessary.

Q: How do I become an Instant IDE beta tester?

A: I’m glad you asked!! 🙂 Simply create a Cobalt Apps Community Forum Account (if you have not already) and then email me through the Forum Contact Form (located at the bottom-right of the forum) to let me know your Forum username and desire to beta test Instant IDE. I will then give your forum user account permission to access the private beta testing area which will also give you access to the beta version download link.

So that’s the latest from Cobalt Apps! Be sure to checkout the latest Instant IDE intro video below to see if this tool might be something worth adding to your developer toolbox:

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