Hi @eric and Team Cobalt,

Before we get into he meat of my query, I'm really missing the community feel that we use to have on your original forum. I mean it seems like a ghost town over here.

Yes, I do remember when the shear volume of traffic became unmanageable, and you decided to go with the dedicated support system. But, is there perhaps an in between? Maybe you're support staff could just spend one or two days a week figging in and giving your forum some love and attention.

I believe that it was not only great product(s) that fueled your success, but the (learning) community that blossomed around them— on your forum.


I want to add the smooth scrolling functionality described in the Genesis FAQ's Post— the How to Fix the Scroll Links.

I figured that I could add it to the dynamic-design/active skin/scripts.js file


/* PLEASE NOTE: To make this {JS} file active you must uncomment two lines of code in your Skin's {PHP} file. */

If I am correct and the script and the above-noted directory panel is where I need to add the script— then the obvious question is— what two lines do I need to uncomment and how do I uncomment?


Cobalt Apps Developer
I hear you and agree. I think as more and more traffic goes the way of Facebook groups and what not it's harder these days to centralize a community like we could half a decade ago, but at the same time this particular forum could definitely use more love. I will keep this in mind for sure.

Regarding your main question, I know I just replied to your identical support request, but just in case anyone else searches for this I'll repeat it here:

If you edit that Skin's {PHP} file you should see two lines that say this:
/* Uncomment the line below (remove the two beginning forward slasses '//') to activate your {JS} file. */
Just follow those instructions and then save your changes and then you should be good to go.
If was a full time developer rather than a content creator artist/writer, I'd be on here all the time chipping in, keeping up to date, and refining my skills. Being a part of constructive community is the absolute best way to learn. After all teachers are really just great students.

Being that I have three websites to update, it seems like I will be quite active for the foreseeable future. And towards contributing to the knowledge-base, I will double up my queries to support with forum entry when appropriate.

Yes, thanks @eric, after recieving word from you and taking a closer look, figuring out the 'un-comment' was no brainier. It should have been obvious just by the documentation. But, one can never be to careful when they are a php novice.