I have kind of a weird problem. One of the sites I built uses the dynamik-gen theme. It is version 1.5. It doesn’t say there is an update... but there is version 2.4.6 now... Why can’t I update? Can’t find anything on this subject...

Thanks in advance!


Cobalt Apps Developer
Wow, 1.5. That's super old! :) I believe that anything prior to version 1.6 will no longer auto-update. You'll just need to login to your 'My Account' page on CobaltApps.com and then download the latest version of Dynamik from it's Pricing Page. From there you can unzip it on your computer and then replace the /wp-content/themes/dynamik-gen/ folder with the unzipped /dynamik-gen/ folder on your computer. Then go to your WP Dashboard and it should take you to the Dynamik Settings page letting you know that you've updated to the latest version.

It's probably not a bad idea to export all of your Dynamik Settings and Design Option prior to doing this in case the update goes wrong (which shouldn't happen, but with it being so old it can't hurt to take precaution).
I really don’t know how this happened. I built this site around a year and a half ago... I will do what you described and let you know what happened. Thanks!