Sticky sidebars


I am very super new at web design. Here is my situation :

Using the sidebar/content/sidebar layout, I would like to make header and sidebars fixed. It was easy to find how to fix the header, but I am starting to be sad at the idea that fixing the sidebars seems impossible in DWB.

Any help is very welcome!

Thanks !


There are plugins in the WP repository to make any element sticky, try those. Making a sidebar sticky might be OK for large desktops but keep in mind that on mobiles, the whole visible screen will be blocked if too many elements are sticky.
Hi siga!

Thanks again for your quick answer. You made a good point about my idea being responsive... It won't be interesting on small screens at all.
I will need to work on the header to make it more informative yet minimalist.

Happy day to you, siga.