SOLVED: header right widget dissapears in mobile view, widget dependant

I installed the Freshly skin and imported the demo widgets. IN any case, there is content, the site is about complete. I put a navigation menu widget in the header right spot and it's great in a desktop view. However, it disappears when I look at the site on my phone. The hamburger menu is fine.

I took the navigation menu widget out and put custom html in instead - same code as the menu widget puts in. That was absent in mobile view as well. Next, I replaced that with the search widget. That showed up in mobile view. Askew, but, there.

Is this 'nav' or 'menu' related? Is this navigation menu wiget disappearing because it's a menu and the primary menu gets hamburgerized and this one disappears, because secondary or tertiary menu? I'd like this header right widget location with the nav menu widget in it to remain when the display is resized to mobile.

Thanks for any advice, assistance.