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[SOLVED] Generatepress generate_after_entry_title custom widget area is not working


New Member
Hello folks,

Ouch this hurt ;-)

My freshly bought Extender Pro 1.0.4 running on GP 2.1.3 seems buggy : adding a custom widget area for the generate_after_entry_title hook is not rendering at all...

With something in it:
Won't render anything:

Whereas using the GP Hook "after title" text field DOES work:
Renders correctly:

I'm quite used to Cobalt, Catalyst, Dynamik and DWB plugins so I really think there is a bug here.

Any idea ?


New Member
So I emailed the support, let's see how it get fixed.

After further investigations, the current problem is this :

- GP Hook "after title" text field (i.e. the built in way to add content to the hooks in GP without extender) is applied to both PAGES and POSTS

- Extender hook "generate_after_entry_title" is only applied to POSTS

Since I need to have access to this hook on PAGES, the bug needs to be fixed.


Cobalt Apps Developer
Try the generate_after_entry_header hook instead. I believe that's the one used in the "after title" GP Hook.