Simple Way to Implment the New WP GDPR Compliance Widget?

I beginning to think that the cookie monster is running rampant across the world of wordpress.

Has anyone implemented the new WP "Display a banner for EU Cookie Law and GDPR compliance" widget with DWB?

It would be really great if there was a step by step, or out of the box solution to implement this!

Otherwise, I'm probably going to have to rely on a plugin to display GDPR compliance notification. And would really rather not.

Hoping for the best... Thanks
Would love to help but don’t know exactly what you mean by the new “Widget”

What widget are you referring too?

A plugin might provide a widget , but you say you’d rather not if possible, so a bit confused here.


I´m using the "EU Cookie Law" plugin with Genesis/Dynamik and it works right out of the box. Install - go to settings - choose and fill out/change the text - done. Not sure about the widget remark though, just like Andytc.
Sorry for my lack of clarity! I blurred the line between Jetpack and WordPress.

The Widget is Jetpack's new "Cookies & Consents Banner".

I imagine that implementing would only require creating a page spanning Custom Widget Area with a high z-index. And, if my head wasn't filled to the brim with current research for my writing I dive into.

Was just hoping that someone already did.

I would go with a plugin as you suggest Siga, But I try to stay away from installing plugins whenever possible. Besides slowing down the site, in the long run they can end up causing more trouble than their worth.



I would go with a plugin as you suggest Siga, But I try to stay away from installing plugins whenever possible. Besides slowing down the site, in the long run they can end up causing more trouble than their worth.
I would happily agree if it weren´t actually Jetpack we are talking about. That huuuuge plugin that comes with around 35 modules, each one throwing JS and CSS into the game if you use them. And if you don´t use them all, why install like 35 plugins (did you ever compare the download size of JP to other plugins or WP itself? This plugin folder contains 251 folders and 1360 files (!!!) all in all, unpacked size is 17 MB)? But well, that´s an old discussion and this is not the place for it. There are lots of articles regarding that.

When I read the text on the page you linked to, I would assume the z-index is not necessary. Sounds like the implemented CSS will take care of the position of the banner. Easiest thing to do is to just throw it into any widget area and see what happens (probably on a test site or onboard). Can´t really help there as I never used Jetpack (for the reasons outlined above). You might want to use their support forum.

(If you are going for GDPR compliance, make sure that every module of Jetpack that you use is fully compliant now.
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Hi Siga, in the old days I would have agreed with you whole-heartedly about Jetpack. It used to be a real resource beast. When it went modular several years ago, I studied up on it again and something I read convinced me to give it another go.

According to my GTmetrix Results Jetpack doesn't seem to be putting much drag on my speed.

Whenever possible, I prefer to stick with proprietary plugins. One would think that if Wordpress or its subsidiary made a plugin, it ought to be reliable. The logic doesn't always hold though. I got nailed by WooCommerce Plugins and Extensions.

I couldn't help it. You brought up a good point, so I had to follow up on the mini-digression Back on topic now!

It didn't work when I through it into any old Widget Area. So, it will need to have it's own Custom Widget Area.

I'm taking the GDPR Compliance issue slow and easy to see how things unfold. I'll be sure to update this thread when I get around to implementing Jetpack's GDPR Compliance Widget— Unless someone else does it first.

Thanks for the link on Akismet's Compliance. Things are very fluid at the moment, and WP's Akismet Plugin has been updated since the article. So, I'm not sure where it stands now. But, I am sure that the big corps like Wp have to take the compliance issue seriously.
Gee, that was super easy to implement! Thanks for the clue Siga : )

I went ahead and created a custom widget area hooked into the Footer Area as shown in the image below.

GDPR Compliance Widget.png