Share42 and best way to use with Dynamik


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I'm using Addthis but don't want the tracking cookies anymore (GDPR). So I'm looking into Share42.

Share42 uses locally-hosted JavaScript to avoid repeating the title and URL on every button, and a single image sprite generated from the set of buttons that you choose. The instructions say to ftp both files to your own site, so that it doesn’t contact a third-party server just by appearing.

I'm looking for a simpler way with Dynamik.

I could insert the code via hookboxes and the zip files contains two files (icons.png and share42.js).

Can I just add this share42.js content into Dynamik Custom? And what should I do with the icons file (icons.png)?


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Just from glancing at the page you linked to it would appear that the best solution would be to download the share42 zip to your computer, unzip it, and the FTP that folder to your /wp-content/themes/dynamik-gen/ directory. Then be sure to set that /share42/ folder up as a protected folder in Dynamik > Settings using these instructions:

Then paste the following into your Genesis Header of Footer Scripts (not sure which one) and adjust according to your site URL:
<div class="share42init"></div>
<script type="text/javascript" src=""></script>
But again, I'm just guessing based on a brief looking over of that page you linked to.