Responsive Custom Code not registering

Im a bit baffled, and Im hoping someone might help me understand whats going on.
Ive built a site with Genesis/Dynamik, and added some code to the Responsive module to make the header shrink to proper size in a phone.
Ive used this same code probably 30 times now, so its definitely good, but for some reason this time it's not working, and the header remains the same size.
Theres also a couple other lines of code that switch two possible home page divs from visible to hidden, depending on the system the site is being viewed on -- and this, too, isn't working, so it seems that the Responsive module isn't writing the code into the site code itself (if Im sayin that right).
Any ideas why this might be happening or how to fix it are greatly appreciated!

The site is here:


The original link is not available.
@ahateleybrowne please create a post with a description and add a URL we can have a look at. Thank you!
It´s often an error in the CSS prior to the code in question, which prevents all following code from working. Try online CSS validation.