Purchased 2013 (lifetime) confusion - solved - thanks

I am very astonished.

In 2013 I purchased lifetime licenses for DWB and Genesis Extender, order IDs #25842, #20185, #13774

DWB was a grandfathered lifetime license. And now? I have to pay again? Licenses are now only valid until 2033, but I could purchase a "lifetime license"? And if I would do so, in five years, the game starts again?

What did I miss?


Cobalt Apps Developer
When we grandfathered in members several years ago our ecommerce software (Easy Digital Downloads) did not have an actual "Lifetime" license option so the best we could do is make them 20 year licenses. But of course that's essentially a lifetime license, at least in software years. Either way EDD now offers an actual "Lifetime" license feature which is what we now use. I just changed both of your licenses over to lifetime so you should be all set. I hope that helps clear up any confusion.