Problem upgrading Dynamik

Hi, I renewed my license and tried to upgrade Dynamik. I downloaded the zip file called Dynamik Website Builder 2.4.6, went into Wordpress/Dashboard/Appearance and tried to upload and install it.
I got an error message "Destination folder already exists. /home4/cincyblu/public_html/cb_wordpress/wp-content/themes/dynamik-gen/ Theme installation failed."
PHP Version: 5.6.37
WordPress Version: 4.9.7
Genesis Version: 2.6.1
Dynamik Version: 1.7.1
Font Awesome Version: 4.2.0


Your Dynamik version is way outdated. Also, your PHP version is outdated, too (contact your host to talk about this).

Please get in contact with CobaltApps support staff via your My Account page (see link on top of this page) to get some assistance and safely update your Dynamik version without loosing existing settings. They would probably have to check your setup first.
Thanks! My bad for not upgrading Dynamik sooner. I think I can get PHP at least somewhat upgraded from my host. They always seem to run a little behind.
Followup - the support staff was very helpful, and I was able to get Dynamik upgraded. I'm not sure what's going on with PHP. It says 7. something on the cpanel at my web host, but it's still saying 5.6 in Dynamik.
If you want to double check your PHP version you can temporarily install this plugin which will display your actual PHP version on the Dashboard page.

Once you've checked it , you can disable or delete the plugin , this will rule out any error from Dynamik and allow you to get in touch with your host or check the C-Panel again.
The plugin says:

WordPress 4.9.8 running Dynamik-Gen theme.
Running PHP version: 5.6.37

Dynamik is saying:

PHP Version: 5.6.37
WordPress Version: 4.9.8
Genesis Version: 2.6.1
Dynamik Version: 2.4.6

What version of PHP should I tell my hoster to change it to?