PHP and terms


i've got two "blogs" on my site pulling posts from different categories. on one blog (student-news) i would like to include the name of the post author and the date. on the other blog (news), i'd just like to include the date. i've can figure out the php to get either one of these options to work but not both (i have figured out that if i switch the order in custom functions, the news post code will work and not the student news code... so there is something with the order, and maybe the fact that im using the same hook?)

using dynamik for a few years now i've become somewhat familiar with php, i know enough to kind of figure out what needs to go where, but not enough to understand what i need to do to get both snippets to fire at the same time—anyone able to spot what im doing wrong here?

here is an example of the code working for the student blog:

but here you can see no date for a news post:

and here's my php:
//* Customize post info news posts
add_filter( 'genesis_post_info', 'da_post_info_news' );
function da_post_info_news($post_info) {
if(has_term( 'news-post', 'news-category' ) ) {
$post_info = '[post_date]';
return $post_info;

//* Customize post info for open line posts (student news)
add_filter( 'genesis_post_info', 'da_post_info_openline' );
function da_post_info_openline($post_info) {
if(has_term( 'open-line-post', 'news-category' ) ) {
$post_info = 'by [acf field="author"] | [post_date] ';
return $post_info;