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Need to create a Hook Box in a Feature Top EZ-Widget Area

I'm trying to display the post's category title on a single post page. Specifically, I want it in the Feature Top EZ-Widget Area. Using a widget seems complicated since they don't allow PHP.

So I'm wondering, is there a way to create a Hook Box in that widget area? In the hook box position dropdown there is no hook attributed to that area.


Cobalt Apps Developer
You could always install a Plugin like "PHP Code Widget" to enable PHP code in Widget Areas. But if you want to go the Hook Box rout then you should just be able set your Hook Box to "Shortcode" and then use it as a shortcode inside your Widget Area. Just note that once set to "Shortcode" your Hook Box name is what is used to create the actual shortcode text. So, for example, if your Hook Box was named "My Box" your shortcode would look like this:
Caps become lowercase, spaces and dashes are underscores, and it's all wrapped in square brackets.